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*y0guRt DriNk*

2 yogurt drinks; 2 days; one shot!

Last friday, i went to Giant Kelana Jaya with my colleague. I was feeling *sick* that time, so i was all wrap up like an Eskimo (tooo kua1 zhang1 la... actually, i just put on a jacket and grabbed it as tight as i could).. Then when we walking around, she took few things on her hand, and me, walking beside her grabbing nothing, 'cold-ing' ... -_-" then she dragged me to cold storage corner, i was like:"crazy kah u!? cant c my condition now??" but ofcoz, i just kept silence.. then she pointed at d nestle yogurt drinks and asked:"now.. which flavour u like? or want? or even yogurt drink u oso don like one?" (fyi, i don really like yogurt).. when i looked around all those flavours, suddenly i thought back about my very FIRST yogurt drink when i was at poli...

... ... That time, i think was in sem 1...(Yeah!! sem 1 it is! coz that time Annie and I was still roomates) i was sick too.. they all went to Giant Shah Alam, leavin…

*New bL0g*

a blogspot of mine at last!! hehe... when 'they' asked me to put a namefor my blog, there's nothing but 'popeye' appear in my head.. Thanks for those poli buddies, this nickname was my trademark for the 2-and-a-half years there (another 6 months, i was in my industrial training in USM..)

well, better get back to the topic.. UpU application will start either on 3rd January 2007 (according to Ministry of Higher Education) OR 7th January 2007 (according to Ministry of Higher Education too!!).. Duh...... everytime government gonna do anything, it must some 'confusion' happened, baru they can satisfy one.. -_-"

anyway, gonna do some preparation to apply this time.. Last year back in poli, when my batch's buddies and coursemates were so busy and frustrated to prepare for the upu application, i was like "nevermind la, u guys get busy, im not interested to further.." DUH...... now, i finally realised how important it is to get a degree.. -_-" …