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It's Actually Shingles/Herpes Zoster/"Kayap"

Despite my previous post, I was wrong about the illness I had on me, so wrong. So did the doctor -_-

I admit my purpose of writing the previous post was to boost my pageview (and I tell you the Charlie awareness page was way over my expectation), that's why I 'part 2' the post, but manatau when I googled the keywords, only the other one pop up on the first page.

Awareness: “Charlie” atau Penyakit Kulit Kumbang Rove (Part 2)

The evil creature has come back!!

The season has come where we are infested by all sorts of tiny little bugs and insects, especially since there's vast paddy field behind my lab and jungle of trees and bushes and stuff behind my house. They favor the bright lights and moist environment so places like toilet is their preferred hangout spot. I started to notice Charlie crawling around the lab's toilet floor, wall, pipe, toilet bowl (!!) and has been extra cautious not to step on them. I can even find them in my room, crawling up my arm ewwwww!!

This is how a Charlie looks like:

...and how big this bugger is? I compared it with a size 8 slipper in the toilet:
See that tiny dot at the tail of the Love? That's how 'big' it is...

Few nights back I could feel insects crawling on my body when I was at home, since I only wear tank top and shorts (curse the terrible hot weather), and there's one time Charlie was on my arm! I brushed it off carefully with paper*.

*As menti…

Wee Shirlyn Update

It's been a while since I last talked about her... her first birthday... and now she nearing her second birthday!

This little rascal has grown into an angel and monster blend in one tiny soul.

She is so addicted and obsessed to smartphones and iPad, the electronic handheld is banned in the house by my mother. By 'addicted', I mean she would roll on the floor growling and crying and screaming and throwing the biggest tantrum she can make to get her hand on her mother's iPhone, that's why grandma comes out with such rules in the house. In another word, we need to be sneaky when using our phone, so less and less pictures I can take of her sien max -___-  Plus, it is nearly impossible for me to take her pictures when I am alone in the house with her, so when there's other yiyis around to be her playmate, I get the chance to take pictures.

For The Love of (Harumanis) Mango 为芒果疯狂

If you don't know him already, Hon sometimes can be quite crazy when it comes to things he likes. This time, just because he heard from my uni friends about the famous Harumanis mango in Perlis, and I told him about the mango Theresa bought last week, and now entering the season, and note that he is a HUGE fan of mango (besides durian etc etc etc), he drove 500km up North for the first hand taste of the Harumanis.

Early morning, after breakfast, we went (me revisited) to the Harumanis Mango Farm at Sungai Batu Pahat. Unfortunately, we were informed by the staff at this farm that there is NO mango available for us the visitors to purchase as their 'booking' is full for April and May!! We need to check back for June's stock!! Disappointed, we satisfied our urge at the cafeteria. RM5.50 for a plate of Harumanis or pulut mangga, and RM2.50 for fresh mango juice. We had three plates of Harumanis (which is not even 1kg of the real fruit -___- )