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It's so freaking backdated.... -____-

Finally, our family's very first wedding. Finally, one more male in our family LOL

The wedding was held on the Malaysia Day, 16th September. It was in chaos as it's the first time in our family, but it all went well up till the night.

I took a week off just as a good excuse. Then everyone teased me for coming back early as if I am the bride instead. I wish!!

The daytime session was held at home. Tents were set up in front of our house, parents ordered buffet from The Ritz restaurant, everyone was kinda clueless (or just me...).

Long story short, it was a quite chaotic day, but we found some ways to cheer ourselves up, since it's a wedding. We should be happy!

In the end of the day, everyone was worn off yet happy. I'm happy finally there's another guy in our family! ^^

Lack of Updates!!!

Seriously, after all this mess(es) (transfer report, conference, this and that), I am so gonna update my blog ASAP! It's so dead, even the owner sounds breathless =.="
It's been a busy October, especially when the PhD evaluation transfer report is around the corner. Mom crossed her finger for me! Wish me best of luck...

Rest in Peace, Ah Kong Po

Ah Kong Po(Ah Kong as in grandfather, Po as in town, in Hokkien) passed away on Friday 8.30pm peacefully at home.

It's my first time watching death arrive upon one person. Grandpa's room was too gloomy for me to handle at the time, I excused myself to the living room while mom and other adults were in the room with him.

Grandpa was always the lenient one, while grandma was the super fierce one. An aunt presented this following theory: "grandpa was a snake and grandma was a dog (in Chinese Zodiac). Although the snake was fierce, the dominant dog was watching over the snake." while I added, "and it's not any other dog, it's a Rottweiler!" :)

He lived a good life, and I hope grandma and him can live happily ever after in the other world (reminiscing their heated-up conversation now...)