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Haha!! Finally! I got my hair perm and coloured and highlighted!! (Please view the ‘before & after’ pictures below)

Overall, wash + cut + perm + colour + highlight + treatment + 2 bottle of treatment gel = RM450 (izzit still consider reasonable? I think when chin read this [or maybe to everyone who read this] would say: “it is so damn easy to earn ladies’ money” >_< )

and I spent the whole morning + evening in the saloon (10.30am until 4pm!! Ahh!!) until the stylists and indon assistants kept on asking me:

“are you hungry?”

and served me a cup of nice white coffee (it’s really nice! Should have ask them where they get it.. ) and biscuits~

This is actually my first time ‘challenge’ my hair.. Why? I never did anything to my hair (except once in sem 5, i tried to dye my hair coz Giant Shah Alam was having sales, Loreal dye hair one [not so sure the name] only RM12!! and another time when I visited Ipoh, Jac’s aunt curled my hair) So when the stylist…