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Random Photo Post

It's been raining a lot lately in Perlis. I've been back for a week now, and almost everyday it's raining, raining and raining. So boring.

So, I have no choice but to hang my washed clothes indoor.

Guess! Which plate belongs to puasa people and which plate belongs to the non-puasa people??

(Believe it or not, the one with drumstick and fish balls is mine, while the other one with breads ONLY belongs to TWO girls who already fasting all day long. I am so paiseh!)


Happy 52nd Birthday Malaysia!
Happy Independence Day Malaysian!

courtesy of Majlis Bandaran Perlis kot to distribute the flags at Bazaar Ramadhan at Stadium Kangar

Mr. N should have one too because we saw his car (plat # WNL xxxx) there yesterday. Oops!

My Confession

I have a confession to make. Some facts about me and myself.

1. I am totally screwed in Artificial Intelligent Mid-Term. Argh!!!

2. I have weird sleeping habit. The most sensitive moments in one day are when I'm sleeping, and within the 10 minutes after I wake up. Maybe I'm getting older already, I can be easily waken up sometimes, with voices and stuffs. I won't tolerate with anyone, even my parents and grandparents by disturbing me in this moment with no good reason.

3. When I have a bad headache, or a bad night sleep, or not enough sleep, or all of the mentioned, I would have this nasty and grumpy tantrums that sometimes I feel annoyed and irritated myself too. Again, in this kind of condition, I won't tolerate anyone, including my parents, grandparents, lecturers, coursemates and housemates. Did you ever throw a tantrums to your lecturers? Well, I do. Luckily it didn't end up bad. Haha.

4. I love to pretend I am busy, or sometimes, it just happen so naturally that …

Libra Rocks!

Took this test in Facebook. Well I don't really believe in those 'Today's luck' thing, but this one? It's so 'ME'! Haha! (sorry, in Mandarin only)







就算你是他最好的朋友,也不要老和他粘在一起,你要知道他并不喜欢如此,尽管他不会直接说出来。你也得相信,你的天平座朋友也许半年也没有音信,但是只要一见面,你还是他最好的朋友。因为他就是这种交友方式,你拿他怎么办?(This statement? It is talking about me!)

'我懒得……' 这是天平座的口头语。他们懒得出门,懒得聚会,懒得应酬……所以他们并不是很喜欢参加party。倒是宁愿呆在家里上网,看书,画画。


Another day in Uni

I didn't think I did well in Modelling mid term test. What the heck? Oh well~

Thank goodness today's Artificial Intelligence lab was not as hard as the first one, because we use fuzzy tool kit only and skipped the whole programming part.

And this time, we are one of the CSI team member to determine the type of explosive used in an explosion crime scene!! Now how cool is that hah!? Haha!

I just realized that Mr. F (who always sit at AO lab) is quite a funny guy too behind his cool and quiet face.

He was looking at the lab's time table when I came out from the lab. He asked whether our lab session is finish or what, then I said yes. Then he asked why were the students still sitting inside the lab. I who not in the serious mode to talk in serious tone told him this:"Kalau nak kunci lab, Encik masuk dan halau diorang keluar loh~ If you want to lock the lab, just go inside and flush the students out loh~" And his reply in the not serious mode and talk in a joking tone:&qu…

Struggling... yet Surviving

Thanks to the 'encouragement' advice of taking it easy and relax through the holiday by Mr. YB, I had really enjoyed my mid term break to the fullest. (Being lazy yet blaming others for the laziness. Beh-tahan-ness)

The holiday-mood phenomena is seriously scary. Sudden change of the environment and stress tumbling down had me hard to breathe. (And... it's only the first day coming back to student's life. Double Facepalm.)

Just now, Mr. M gave us a very strong and harsh word, things that we thought he wouldn't say and he never say before. If anyone fail the mid term paper of his subject, he has only one thing to say:"that person is stupid aka bodoh." Harsh, but true. A 4th Year student unable to solve problems that we did before during 2nd Year, that is so shame loh, memang 死有余辜. His word not only made me worried, but it scares me too.

The scary with blanks feeling starts to grow again, the very same feeling during the beginning of the semester. It's so t…


...has come to its end.

I haven't really do anything good. Sigh.

Tutorial, one FYP chapter of literature review, studies for exams, re-study the results of my FYP trial sessions, none has at least half way done. Sigh.

I wanna cry.

No lah... I'm not that emo.

All I know is how am I going to die after I go back to Uni tonight. Sigh.

Isn't this creature adorable or what!?


Last night these 3 tiny creatures came to my house.

The older brothers were conquering my laptop playing Insaniquarium, while the girl being emo and we were able to grab her attention with duku.

Xi An + Yun Cheng (西安+运城) Trip (27/5/09-31/5/09) - Part 2

Continuation from the previous post...

On that evening after our visit to Qin Terracotta Army, we took the tourist bus No. 1 to the train station, and from there, we took a bus to Yun Cheng 运城, 4 hours journey from Xi An.

运城 Yun Cheng is located at the Shan1 Xi1 province 山西,the neighbouring province of Shan3 Xi1 陕西. Xi An is in Shan3 Xi1 province.

The Yun Cheng trip is in conjuction with Chai Ching's mission to visit her relatives, and we just escorting her. Hehe. The friendliness and hospitality from her relatives earn multiple thumbs up!!

Our first breakfast in Yun Cheng

Her uncle brought us to China's largest Temple of Guan Gong 关帝庙 in China. Guan Gong is one of the famous icon in the Romance of Three Kingdom 三国演义.

In Yun Cheng, people worship and pray Guan Gong the most. They even have a gigantic statue of Guan Gong at a roundabout in the town centre.

If you watch The Red Cliff 赤壁 starring Tony Leung, Takeshi Kaneshiro etc, Guan Gong is the one with the darkest face and long supe…

Duku Picking Day

Being raised as a jungle girl aka budok kapong, and with grandparents who own orchards full of fruit trees, fruit seasons would be the most exciting and thrilling thing for us (at least when we were young loh, when we could play and fool around; but now we need to do the REAL thing. Sigh... Grown up is quite suxx).

Anyway, until now, I still can't really tell when will the durians start dropping, when will we start climbing the duku trees, when we can hook on the branches of rambutans and mangosteen trees with galoh to pick the fruits etc... Failed huh?

Whatsoever lah, the duku starts to grow now, so there we go hunting for dukus!!!! Haha!

Duku is a type of tropical fruit with soft yellow skin which you can easily peel and the flesh is juicy and sweet! Of course sometimes you would find some super sour or bitter ones.
For my friends who still wanna argue with me about this is a langsat instead of duku, kindly have your debate with my 80-year-old grandma please. I was told this is duku…