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*night b4 departing to perlis*

*pack pack pack* Wow... it's been really a long time since i really ta bao my stuffs to go to other places 'again'.. Until i really messed up while packing my things.. >.< *blur* As the result, i ended up messing my room up to world-war-three stage.. <<<--- one corner of messy stuffs like medical reports la, documents la, files la etc etc...
<<<--- another messy corner: clothes + bags (not yet pack my shoes de le.. ) <<<--- two big plastic bags of shoes: 1 yonex badminton shoe, 1 bata power sport shoe, 1 sandal, 1 black leather alan-delon shoe, 1 padini-authentic casual shoe, 1 yonex racket bag with 1 impact ti-38 inside it.. <<<--- close up view of the bags.. butgor, inside these bags are only clothes + shoes, so baldi la, mug la, plates la etc etc gonna have to buy new one liao la.. And the saddest thing is: I have to leave this baby plushy doggie here at peejay house!!! *cry*
I can only manage to bring my 2 baby pillows along coz there&#…

*cake addict*

I think there's sure some people who addicted to something they 'addict' to.. :p

For example, bad example: drug, pills, medicine, cigaratte(no offence pls, smoking is really no good for your health ma right?)..
some more example: perfume (Dior Addict ma..), coffee (there's some coffee addict in lyn chinese thread) etc etc...

While for me, i think i can call myself a *CAKE ADDICT*!! muahahah...


I think most of u must have some moment of time that u suddenly feel like eating something (abit like pregnant ladies la), that u suddenly have the urge to really eat that particular thing.. Well, for me, it's *CAKE*! =)

Ofcourse i've thinking of other food too, but *CAKE* is definitely the only one food that i would think 'all the time'.. Yea, i've thinking of sushi, ice cream, jelly, yogurt drink etc, but *CAKE* is a best medicine to cure my 'addiction'.. muahahah... =p

*读书记 - the second*

p/s: the time now is 6.02pm and im kinda hungry edi *sweat* later gonna find cake to eat

First of all, yeah la, everything is still so blurry inside my head.. dono y, things getting clearer edi ma.. uni letter received edi, can do my medical check up at kelana jaya medical centre which cost me RM67 (a good time as an opening ceremony for the Citibank Cash Back.. =p ) etc etc etc.. But it's still kinda blurry.. zha da~

Well, when i told any of them about my uni offer, the most common Q that i would get is: "Is this the one u looking for?/Is this you own choice??"

*YES* it is le eventually... summore is my second choice tim after UM.. *blek*

I know i shouldn't be so proud and haolian, so i decided to stay put in UniMAP - which what they offered me instead of appealing to UM, and eventually me myself would make my own head blown up.. *jia lat*

Now, almost everyone in the office knew that im leaving them, including Mr Tan who sayang me the most.. We carry in a new product cal…


YEAH!!! 终于,日盼夜盼的大学录取名单出炉了.. =) 虽然不能如愿进入马大,可是还是有辛拿到自己如意的科系..

<<Universiti Malaysia Perlis -- Ijazah Sarjana Muda Kejuruteraan Elektronik Bioperubatan>>


玻璃市.. 曾在那里踏过一天一夜的脚步.. 那时随着poli朋友们到那里的一个瀑布露营,很开心,很愉快..

小小的城市,在我的踏足下会演变出怎样的故事来呢? (waseh... 死不要脸的家伙 )

又要从新开始吗?新的地方,新的环境,新的朋友.. 好怕自己已经做不到那么豪爽了..

Kim 说我在那里从新找过badminton kaki绝对不是问题..
噢妮说我在大学里也许会找到个make in uniMAP的对象,到时就可以把他那make in ShangHai的货色给丢在一旁..

UM 吗?UniMAP 吗?

要好好收拾起心情,再次踏入校园了.. 读书到底是什么滋味了呢? 好像跨别好久好久咯..

小注:在寻找着uniMAP的地图时,在它自己的网页里的地图,放着整个大马的地图,用红色highlight起perlis,再放个箭头出来写道: PERLIS (We Are Here), 什么鬼link也没有.. 炸到大大粒!!

*movie's weekend*

Watched “200 pound beauty" aka "两百磅美女" last saturday bcoz of some 'technical problem'.. >.<


... ... ... misunderstanding ... ... ...

But, anyway, this is the first movie that made me cry in the cinema!!

Basically, me myself is a big fan of korean movies.. *thumbs*.. Most of their movies don't end up with happy ending, but i love their story line very much.. And yes again, their story line usually are not a good one.. >.< =) This movie is just like any other typical korean movie, it is a story about a fat babe who has a nice voice, being other singer's 代唱.. She decides to go for a whole body plastic surgery, from head to toe.. then ended up becoming a very darn beautiful babe with a nice voice.. (Yes, the songs in the movie are very the good!!! *thumbs*) And, u know la, when someone reveals her true story, she tells her story on stage, in front of her hundred thousand over fans.. and, u know again la, sure she wont missed out saying those th…


Well, it's definitely a loo00o0o0ong time since my last 'spring'.. =)

YES! i'm in a relationship *finally* =p.. yea la, i know i sound quite keehiao, but, thanks to him, i felt myself so 幸福 all day long.. tried to express the feeling in lyn, but seems like im obviously too annoying =p

A brief intro about the man:

The name is ah liang aka 阿亮, nicknamed 宝贝aka老公 (will think of other special nick for him coz i got mine from him --> OhNee); knew him in quite a fragile situation >> internet (he is the RM300 friend lo.. =P should really thank; He is a musician, or to be precise 搞艺术的, he teaches 二胡,piano etc, deal with anything related to music, conduct chinese orchestra troupe for few schools, aiming for his 三连冠 this year(forgot which month liao.. >.< ); he always reminds me that he is not handsome; he encourages me to go ahead if i meet someone better in uni IF 大学录取me; he had a deep talk with me when we just started, talked about everything that in the…

*funny weekend outing*

真是个好好玩的周末聚会~ 哈哈!




p/s:完蛋,我竟然没有idea要怎么写... *拍额头*