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The Amazing Race Edition

After the trip of last weekend, I can proudly announce my own The Amazing Race Edition. Haha! Here goes the story~

Friday: Went to Johor for the first time to attend Mahalia's wedding at Kluang, Johor. I'll be staying at Hidayah's place at Batu Pahat and go to Kluang with her. The bus was at 7pm, and estimated will arrive Johor at around 6-7am the next day. Had quarrel with LCC on the bus because of the journey and trip schedule and the V-day (Honestly, it is too commercialized la!). Luckily I am a good sleeper, I slept most of the time on the bus.

Saturday: I woke up when the bus stopped at Segamat bus station, and slept back when the bus started moving again. Something weird happened. The bus went for a short while, and stopped by the road side. I wasn't fully awake, but my half-slept mind was telling me:"Gosh! Bus ROSAK! ARGH!" But then I slept back anyway. The time was about 3.30am. I awoke and slept for few times for the following hours, hearing the pakcik…

One day trip in Kangar

I came to Kangar 9.30pm last night for my LI presentation and shun bian perjumpaan with our 'beloved' NC for the student exchange thingy.

I wasn't complaining lah because anyhow I still need to come back to do the presentation mah, but hor I sangat mengkeliankan the other few people who come back purposely to meet up with NC.

I know that he is busy lah, but pls loh, sitting 7-8 hours of bus, just to shake hand and listening to his speech about 'congratulation! Enjoy yourselves there, becareful and have fun!" for 5 minutes and then byebye!?


Anyway, my presentation is good! The lecturers actually like it =)

Or mayb just me perasantan I don't know lol...

Need to cabut already. Planning to buy roti then head back Hotel then have a bath then kemas-kemas then waiting for the 9pm bus. Bye~



我坦诚我是个超级白目的家伙。伊拉克为何要攻打加沙和对巴基斯坦人赶尽杀绝的解释已从父母和同事那里听说,可老是没办法消化,问了又听,听了又忘。够力到... ...;现在什么青蛙,跳槽,补选的又让我的脑袋乱了老半天。

前些日子从youtube再看回National Geographic曾播出的北韩纪录片,又再次让我叹为观止。一个拥有绝对权利的领袖,一个绝对(也许吧)遵从的人民,好不可思议又好真实。我常想,全世界的领袖都很喜欢他们有能力如此统治他们的国家吧,只可惜,还没来得及洗脑,人民就先反驳了。


CNY *reposta*

I found that my previous post of CNY suxx. So, I'm writing another one, a better one.

除夕 CNY's eve:
As usual for every years, we have our reunion dinner at my mother's mother's side. And as usual, the dishes include of shark fin, fish, alcoholic drinks etc. I still went to work at the morning, but ponteng-ed at the evening because of others' influence. Haha!

大年初一 First day:
Finally, after all these years, we spent our first day of CNY at my granma's old house. This year, our chu yi theme is yellow as what you may see the pictures in my previous post, and the food we had on this day in my granma place was nasi dagang and mee rojak.

It's been a very long time since us the huge LIM family members get to gather in the front indoor yard of the old-fashioned wooden kampung house and making so much noise. For the previous few years where the chu yi gathering was at our house, everyone had to scatter all over the parking bay, living hall and kitchen. To do this mass ga…

Happy CNY 2009

It was a long week of CNY this year. So long until I kinda hate it as "Why chu yi on monday?? Why why???" during LI. Chez~ If I am at Uni sure got one whole long week holiday ady!!! Argh!!

No need to 'ai sheng tan qi' oso lah since I ponteng-ed for almost whole week =)

Radibems' staffs are srsly kiut! On Sunday I responsibly went to office since I didn't mention any 'mintak cuti' thingy to my boss, but then the staffs started to chase me away since morning, so after I went back home for lunch, I never went to office again +.+

On wednesday (chu san), I suppose to go back to office coz on that morning, Encik Zul, my lecturer aka RPS will come to visit me, and I really went back lah that day. But then when I first stepped in the building, the staffs started to scold me liao coz "You shouldn't go to work on CNY lah! Why you come!?". So 'uan ong' neh~ When the visit thingy finally finished on 10.30am and after I sent Encik Zul back, they…