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Family Trip to Vietnam - Around Hanoi

Part 1: Hanoi, Part 2: Ha Long Bay, Part 3: Sapa

Our first overseas family trip to Hanoi,Vietnam!! Woohoo!!

We stayed at Indochina Queen II Hotel, Thuoc Bac Street in Hanot.

1. Hanoi City Tour

Places: Ho Chi Minh Complex (Mausoleum, Museum, One Pillar Pagoda) -- Ethnology Museum -- Literature Temple (Quoc Tu Giam) -- Hoan Kime Lake 还剑湖 -- Water puppet show

Tour guide of the day:  Benjamin

We arrived Hanoi International Airport at about 9am local time, and the tour guide of the day, Benjamin, picked us up.

First Time to Singapore aka SinJiaPor

So many backlogs, so lazy... Yikes!

At the mid of Sept, Hon brought me to Singapore over the weekend as he had a wedding dinner to attend (he attended alone since he RSVP-ed one pax).

Believe it or not, for the first time in my 29 (yeah, officially 29) years, this is the first time I step foot on Singapore land, a country so near yet so far, and a country where Hon spent 7 years of his life there. He told a friend of his about this, and the friend went:"WHAT!??! How is that possible??", and when you know where I come from and where I am now, you would understand.
Thailand is so much nearer, and, comparing to Penang, the bargain is irresistable!!