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Bikepacking: 3D2N Tanjung Sepat Raya Trip (Part 2)

Link to Part 1 here!

DAY 2: Tanjung Sepat - Sungai Pelek

Moving time: 3h42m
Distance: 51.3 km
Average speed: 13.9 km/h

Despite sleeping quite late the night before (12.30-ish?), everyone woke up pretty early and off we went to have our seafood bak kut teh breakfast at Ah Hock.

Hmmmm, honestly speaking, Klang BKT (bak kut teh) is so much nicer! This was my first time trying seafood BKT and I've been really curious about the taste, and it didn't disappoint.... On the curiousity, I mean. The taste was, hmm, some kind of different that it's in the 'been there done that' list, so nope for second time. BKT and seafood just don't add up lah in my opinion. We ordered two pots of BKT, one was the seafood version and the other was the original pork version. I think because of the seafood, the broth didn't taste as good and the seafood also didn't taste that good, not even the prawn. It just isn't my cup of 'tea'*, if you know what I mean.

*Bak Kut Teh …

Bikepacking: 3D2N Tanjung Sepat Raya Trip (Part 1)

Link to Part 2 here!
Itinerary: Stay: Myguest
Day 1: - Klang/Kota Kemuning to Tanjung Sepat (via Bukit Jugra, Pantai Morib) - Food: Restoran Viking (Bukit Jugra hill foot), 家乡小吃 (Lorong 14 Tanjung Sepat)
Day 2: - Arowana Tapioca Factory - Bagan Lalang - Sungai Pelek  - Food: Restoran Ah Hock (seafood bak kut teh), Restoran Mathi (Sungai Pelek), Red House Snacks (Tanjung Sepat), Miss Vietnam coffee
Day 3:  - Kedai Makan & Minuman Kian Heng 等一下咖啡室 - BACK!

11 of us on a 3D2N bikepacking from Klang (me and Hon)/Kota Kemuning (the rest) to Tanjung Sepat. Verdict: Bring anything necessary eg enough water + electrolyte + power gel + whatever to hydrate and spare tubes and parts and stuff because 50% of the route is in the middle of nowhere = just you and the nature!! 
Bike specs:
2 Lerun Evo Team with different tyres
1) Maxxis detonator (front) + Schawlbe marathon plus (back)
2) Schawlbe Smart Sam (both)

Klang - Tanjung Sepat:
Moving Time: 5:52:11
Distance: 100.3 km (!!)
Average speed: 17…

Bicycle 'Foodie' Touring: 3D2N Labour Day Trip Sitiawan-Pangkor

Hey, long time no update~ Let me clean the spider webs first....


*cough* *cough*

OK done!

14 of us had a 3D2N cycling touring around Sitiawan and Pangkor.
Verdict: Damn HOT Argh!!! And makan until so puas hahaha!!

Day 1:
- Drive from Kota Damansara to Sitiawan
- Tour around Sitiawan Town
- Tua Pek Kong temple
- Food: Restoran Jiann Chyi, Sekinchan (shark porridge); 三条路李记包店 Pillow Pao, Coconut Jelly & Ice Cream, Lido Restoran

Day 2:
- to Pangkor!
- Dutch Fort
- Fu Lin Kong Temple
- Tour around Pangkor Island
- Food: Kampung Koh morning market; Kou Lou Restoran, Pangkor

Day 3:
- Food: Villa Seafood Restoran

I didn't have any records, regardless Strava or whatevs, about this trip because my phone broke and I couldn't be bothered to download the app in another phone. So I didn't have any details about the distance, elevation, speed etc.

DAY 1:

We gathered at a mamak stall in Kota Damansara for breakfast and as the take off point. …