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What Happened in 2011

1) Conquered Gunung Nuang
Verdict: It's harder than Mount Kinabalu!!

2) Uniform T-shirts theme for CNY and Min Shin's wedding

3) MyMaster application was rejected.

4) CoCo Lim passed away

5) Perlis second wave flood

6) Conquered Mount Kinabalu
Verdict: Must try at least once in a lifetime.

7) BiBiBoi passed away

8) House shifting

9) Join yoga, belly dance and zumba classes

10) Making a whole bunch of new friends!!

11) Keeping two furbrats guinea pigs

12) Da Jie's wedding

13) Grandfather passed away

14) MyPhD scholarship application approved

15) passed PhD transfer with condition (still waiting for the final verdict)


It's quite a good year after all, especially new brother-in-law in the house and the new friends I've befriended! :)

Sweetest Little Thing

I saw this youtube the other day, cried; downloaded it, still cries no matter how many times I watch it...

Being in a situation where the kids around me are all over iPad, iPhone, Android, Angry Bird (so freaking sien of it) etc etc etc, this cute-st and sweetest little thing brights up my day a lot.

This video also reveals there's a lot of different kind of people in the world too. There's actually people who commented that the kid is spoiled by her parents. Seriously? I don't think a spoiled brat will cry over a trip to Disneyland; they will only frown on the 'cheap' presents and request for a higher-end stuffs. (see how much I prejudice over spoiled kids...)

Also, through my 'discussion' with Theresa at FB, only girls can own this kind of cuteness. :)

Caroline Paris Skincare - Review

The previous review was written in Mandarin because there's some 'emotional' contents that I feel can only be expressed truthfully in Mandarin, so pardon me for those who can't understand them.

Having an acne-prone, oily plus a little sensitive skin makes me a very very dull girl. I have been searching ups and downs for years (!!) for that perfect set of skincare products to, not ease, but at least minimize the problem. In time, I did find those effective ones, but the stubborn, ignorant, self-indulgent face of mine would literally get immune of it and the problem arose, again, and again, and again. I was seriously fed up with it.

I tried to avoid making eye contacts with the sales person on the skincare aisle in supermarkets and pharmacies because the first comment from them is really harsh :( Not to mention how much it hurts when the facialist commented about my skin problems as if worms are coming out of it... :(

Until one day, when the then current product, Nutox, …

女人的钱真好赚之护肤篇 - Caroline Paris Skincare



一张油性敏感的脸,让我一直四处寻找最合适的护肤品。越战越勇,屡试屡败,我的荷包也跟着滴血,脸上的残缺却没有离开过。就只有那短短的神奇的六个月时间(做工的最后三个月和Degree的开始三个月),脸上突然一点问题也没有,晶莹剔透,吹弹可破,还有‘doing doing’的声音,让我爽了好一下子! 可惜就只是六个月,然后又发作了。气死人~~ 尤其在几个星期前去洗脸,那位洗脸的姐姐从头到尾一直批评我脸上的瑕疵,很hurt的好不好...


^Paris Caroline Skincare






只是一个星期噢,额头上的小痘痘不见了,脸颊上比较少小红点,常常会长痘的下巴部分也没在作怪了,整个很干净清洁的说!! 虽然右脸颊的色斑问题还是存在,可是这样的成绩已经让我爽很久了。

当然,自己讲出来,说服力是很弱地。目前为止,housemate和labmate都有说我的脸好很多了!! 这个也让我爽很久loh!!


我向LYN这个买家买的是三种东西 -
1) 2 in 1 purifying cleanser
2) Skin astrigent
3) Refining Cream
4) Freebies - Acne creamy mask, Milky scrub 和 UV cream (她人超好的!!)


Skin astrigent 也是 toner。要…

Movie I Watched

It's been awhile since my last 'perasan si ai bin' movie review. One of the reason to be I seldom watch any movies lately, and I couldn't get any good idea in writing one. So here it goes...

1. Repo men

CK talked about this movie the other day following our conversation about Justin Timberlake's 'In Time' (I watched neither movie at the time), the similarity of the plot and the effect of casts' in the movie.

I get the copy of this movie from him, and after 1-2 times he asked whether I have watched the movie, being paiseh and afraid of missing a nice movie, I decided to spare a leisure Saturday evening for this one.

Oh boy this movie is just superb!! Studying Artificial Organs subject in one of my Degree semester makes me appreciate the concept of replacing our damaged organs with an artificial ones to sustain and improve our quality of life, so I am totally fascinated with the idea.

Anyway, 'The Union' in the movie, the company that sells these arti…






最妙就是吾娘是非常非常反对她的女儿当教师,所以我们都没让她失望 :)


Chuping, Perlis

Went to Ulu Pauh the other day to submit my transfer report. On my way back, I decided to try another longer route - The one towards Padang Besar as everyone said it's nearer to go to Padang Besar, and I was too bored to be back to lab anyway.

The road was quiet, no much vehicles around, and the scenery is definitely breathtaking.

About 5km later, I reached a roundabout that says I've reached Chuping, the largest sugar cane plantation in Malaysia.

At the next roundabout, the right junction is to the sugar production factory, and I decided to give it a try.

^Milestone for a sugar factory! How cool is that~

It seems like the road is purposely made for the factory itself as there is no other buildings or anything along the way. I must say the view is superb!!

^Work here everyday with this view must be a bliss! (The square thingy is the factory)

There's few motorbikes came and went while I stopped to snap pictures, they must be wondering what did a girl do here all by herself.…

Balik Kampung + 摆乌龙!!

Balik-ed kampung last weekend since I haven't been home for quite some time (since Ah Kong's funeral on early Oct!! That is so 'long' time ago...). I mean, it was few long weekends but I wasn't be able to go back...

Well, the main reason was... ... ...

^...for this little fella lah!!

This is my dear little kai zai aka Godson, my deary friend Min Shin's son. He was born on 23rd Oct midnight. This little fellow is predicted to be quite some pain in his parents' a$$es because Min Shin suffered from labour pain for 4 DAYS just to wait for him to come out!! Anyway, according to the mother, the pain wasn't that suffering, it's the waiting part that frustrated both she and her hubby, as well as their families.

^Bundle of joy~ ^^

Promised a cross stitch pillow cover for little kai zai but I wasn't able to finish it on time (promised to deliver by his full moon). Break promise to a baby, I shall rot in hell I guess... I wasn't dare to carry him though, as…