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Series Review: Person of Interest

Let me start with this statement:

Harold Finch: "Sooner or later both of us will probably wind up dead. Actually dead this time. I said I'd tell you the truth. Didn't say you'd like it." (Pilot, S01E01) Person of Interest (POI) ended in 2016, 5 seasons, 103 episodes.

This is a long overdue post, I've been keeping this draft for 2 years now, finally the time to publish it lol.

POI is a show about a super computer, a ASI (artificial super intelligence), that assisted a geeky billionaire Harold Finch and the ex-army super macho dude John Reese helping people and catching bad guys.

Started off as a 'concerned third party', because the computer only gives them social security number, they don't know if that person is a victim or perpetrator, so they would often follow and track down that particular person (one or few persons each episode), jump right in when the person is in trouble and say "you don't know me …


It was a rough break up for me.
Nothing ugly but it hurts me so much. Pains me a lot.
At the beginning, I cried myself to sleep.
People asked me to stop looking at the pictures, stop reading the blogs, stop checking him online.
Easier said than done.
I see friends feel helpless seeing me so down.
I can't even imagine how my mom feel when she sees me crying.
I am a cry baby, but I've never cried in front of her because of some guy.
I was as cool as a rock when it comes to talking about the end of a relationship.
But not this time.

I intentionally frequently upload my pictures on Instagram and Facebook.
Just to let him see what he has missed out.
What he has given up on.
I am your goddess, am I not?
Now, It has become 'I was your goddess'.
I thought I will feel better, but I am not.
I am just tricking myself into believing this is how I'm gonna feel better.
At the end of the day, I feel lonely, empty and void.

I used to be so scared of updating my Instagram.
It often…