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Second Year Second Sem

New Semester has begun... on 31st December 2007.

YUP!! on that ODD date.

Everything started off messy-ly this sem, hope this will be better next year (an hour and twelve seconds more)...

National Treasure vs Da Vinci Code

p/s:First of all, *WARNING* I might seem very 钻牛角尖 regarding this topic, but, it has nothing to do with the movies or the story lines or the main plots etc, it is just my own weird curiosity (*which* might kill the cat, and might make some of you feel that:"Nee ah, all these questionaire will make you a dull girl lar..." "wth, ppl watch shiok shiok, u so many complaint one..."). AND, even 'IF' the Book is really a fake thing, I still curious about the content of page 47.

Watched National Treasure: Book Of Secretsfew days back. YES!!! It really is a awesome movie!! I REALLY LOVE IT!! And thank goodness it doesn't relate much to National Treasure 2004. It has awesome story lines, amazing plots, wonderful sceneries etc etc etc~~ and, Nicholas Cage :hugz: My idol :wub:(besides Tom Hanks, Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp, etc etc... ...)

... ... ...

aiks... How to start off hah?

WELL, actually, after watching the movie, i did some comparation between and .

Of course, o…


一些些无聊的updates:YAY~~!! 阿水来开派对咯 (抄于我的表弟,CHIPOMPOM的blog)吉兰丹的情况不比彭亨柔佛的那么糟,大致上,‘该淹的地方都淹得七七八八了’。 PCB路 confirmed的咯,padang bank那一边啦,学校和The Store McD那边咯,可是,河水并没有如2004般严重性地泛滥,所以Tesco处于安全的状态如果水位没涨起的话…(特地走去过Wakaf Bharu桥看水,失策啊!典型的塞车 – 三条lane进一条lane,可想而知咯)老豆迷上PacMan了…最高纪录,玩一整个下午,吃晚餐时就吵手酸痛.. 也因为这样,我才发现到原来那四只老追着黄嘴巴的小鬼有名字的!红色那个叫Blinky,粉红的叫Pinky,蓝色的是Inkey,橘色的是Clyde.(那些名字是game的首页放出来的,不知道可信度有多高)妈妈在忙着改SPM 1119考卷。有心无力的我只有能力帮她对分数,嘲笑人家的答案。我知道我很衰,可是真得很欲罢不能啊…他们的creativity还真是没话讲,只是,如果写得好,会是个不错的文章。只是…唉…笑死我 =P
我没有说自己的英文deh yit gao(很厉害)的意思,只是,真的好笑。
其中有几篇相当有趣的: 1. 有一个,应该是女孩子,画了个公仔,有个dialog box,写着:”Saya tak suka Bahasa inggeris, saya suka bahasa Malaysia. Cintailah bahasa kebangsaan kita.” 然后她以马来文来继续她的作文,只有些单字以英文配上去…炸到。妈咪看了哭笑不得,递给我看,我看了笑了一声,继续看戏;2. 有个作文题目是 Tomorrow. 有个考生真的很有创意,把tomorrow写成人名,这一位tomorrow有两个好朋友,yesterday和today. 这三个人是哥儿们,也很符合剧情桥断,搞三角恋。Yesterday 和 Tomorrow彼此相爱,Today却只能单恋Tomorrow.最后,Today让爱,Yesterday和Tomorrow有情人终成眷属,有两个小孩。注:以上的summary都是翻译自原稿,只是,原稿就….唉…. >,<

*random pics*

Try out Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ20, and kinda proof that im 'kinda' noob photographer >.<

here some pictures that might make the pro's eyesight kinda sour hor.... :p

^LimCoCo. The exposure is too much i think >.<

^ This is failed. right? Took at wrong angle, wrong exposure light.

^ Try to wait until the wind blow up the flag but failed. >.<

^ My comics collection.. blur >.<

^This is just to take for song-song. My dad is so addicted to PacMan, he played for the whole evening. (Look at the corner left, the tiny blue box)

Add On:

(SE K510i)

Mother Knows Better

I’m going to make a boring synopsis of a story here =)Watching in the Hallmark channel. GOSH!!! I’m so glad that my mum is not so 偏激!!!It was about a mother who would anything just to separate her daughter and the son-in-law - at any cost~BY EVEN HIRING A HITMAN TO KILL HIM!!!The story is roughly like this: a girl from a rich family background fall in love with a mechanic (小康, owns a car workshop), through a newpaper’s relationship ad made up by their mothers. When the girl’s mom, Celeste finds out that the guy aint 门当户对 with her girl, she does anything she could to separate them, and ofcoz, she failed. And I tell u, she really does ANYTHING she could (made me 咬牙切齿). However, they got married anyway and made her more beh song. Until she decided to hire a hitman to kill her son-in-law, for the name of ‘protecting her daughter’. NAH!!! Pawned! The hitman she hired was actually disguised by police. So finally she ended up kena tangkap and sued. She and her daughter never talk or see eac…

National Geographic & Discovery Channel

By utilizing the one-month holiday time as a student, I watched discovery channel and national geographic (which it might sound so unbelievable), not all day long ofcoz, but at least on few programmes that I interested so much in.From the super-extravagant of the Forbidden City, to the finding of Queen Nefertiti’s body (the mummy), and the brutal events about the gladiators. About the Forbidden City, I watched two versions of it: National Geographic version and Discovery Channel’s version. Although the NG has two parts, I prefer DC’s version more. The only name that I heard the most during NG’s version is Pu Yi, 傅仪, the last emperor of China. However, DC did a good job in narrating the history of China emperors. Now I can finally arrange the family tree during Qing dynasty 清朝: KangXi 康熙 > YongZhen 雍正 > QianLong 乾隆. And they made me so eagerly wanna visit Forbidden City after Vatican City

Money-saving Hair Perm

I had my hair cut 7 months after i did my hair perm and highlighting and colouring etc.. It's not a really so nice one coz she cut it abit too short (It's a nice layer style though but on the top of my head, that part is abit too short, I had the hair cut at Janes')..

ANYWAY.. My exam week had started. So, to prevent the brain lack of hard drive memory and more smooth defragmentation processes, usually i'll tie the hair up. Until then i discovered the economical way to do hair perming with my new hair cut, and the result is quite awesome~!

1st look, hair down

2nd look, hair up

Hair down again~ TaDa!

Paiseh neh, i forgot to smile :p
Even though the curl din last for long time, but it looked nice *woott*

But the hair ends are so terribly damaged due to the colouring and perming, i had another hair cut last week.. and, ermm.. not so nice, especially the 刘海 >.<
(Sorry dear, but it really not so nice..)

*my first Eiffel Tower*

Sorry for lack of blog entries, the network pissed me off..

Not much to talk about (coz I haven't draft any ideas, and yes, the network pissed me off very much)..

Anyway, I gonna show out my nice done job throughout the 2nd year 1st semester.. :)

^ The tool kit box

very 1st draft :

Next step 2:

3 :





p/s: sorry for the different sizes of the pictures as i cant resize them...


我觉得我的身体有毛病…从以前,朋友就注意到我很常打哈欠 aka yawning.. 算起来,应该是从Form 3 就开始了… 去了Poli更够力,被英文lecturer Mdm. Viki 逮个正着.. -_____-“ 不是打瞌睡被逮哦,而是打哈欠被逮… :x 还记得那时她说:”Huey Nee, I saw you keep on yawning for maaaaany many times.. Do you sleep late last night? Or your brain don’t have enough Oxygen?” 依….. 拍鞋… -_____-“可是,依旧,毛病没改…后来有个朋友问起我,我跟他们出街是不是真的那么显… 因为我不断打哈欠… 我才发现到,我不是累,而是就很自然地打哈欠不断…士敏曾告诉我,头脑缺氧会导致这个症状,后来我也有比较常喝水(我之前很少喝水的),只是,也一样…Study week在家做米虫时,看了陶晶莹的节目,节目请来了个医生,他有谈起这件事,不是小事情哦… -______-“可是,我不知道该refer哪一科的专医… 怎办…


十一月三号,3.30am今夜,我无法入眠,可能因为午觉睡太久了,把自己的biological clock弄乱了..
听着mp3,读着这个拜一要考的Thermofluid..在Playlist随意地挑选着歌曲时,突然,mp3播放一首钢琴曲.. 我不知道这首曲子的名字,听起来有点悲,很像韩国电视剧或电影在感伤的那一幕会放出来的曲子…每每听到这首曲,都会让我有一种莫名的感受… 不能说是哀伤,也谈不上是悲感… 只是,在这短短的三分钟里,它可以让我的思绪空白,只游荡在曲子里的一起一落里… 在这段时间,脑海里都会浮现出许许多多的画面,很多,很快,只是,都会被一笑置之… … 虽然,有时候,眼泪还是会飚出来凑热闹…

放心,没有哭到... -_-


考试期,看来我最轻松,电脑荧幕上都是Insaniquarium啦,Collapse啦,Turtle Bay啦,LYN啦 etc etc etc..

可是,该读的时候还是得读的... 所以,干粮是必备的...

^ Milo, Nescafe(只有在白天喝),饼干etc etc etc.. 精神支柱... =)

Kuala Perlis的黄昏


头风, 在福建话里的意思,是指...errr..."tao hong" 心情没有天气预测,难料几时会有暴风雨,几时会雨过天晴,几时会风和日丽..

我是个有头风的人.. 在温习读书,要睡觉前,和起床后的十五分钟的时候最明显... 我的风,也没有Katrina那么严重,只是... "Lim, kau nampak paling ngeri masa tu..." *Housemates讲的


放study week假回来,才发现,我这间宿舍的七个人里面,有三个分手了 (包括我在内)...有一个呢,是'前'男朋友不甘寂寞,女友假扮别人要认识他,他胆敢说单身,穿帮了,男的被甩...
另一个呢,我也不清楚状况... 可是听说女的想分手很久了..在我写这个blog时,也才发现到,三大民族到齐哦... 我这个唐人婆,一个马来婆和一个吉林婆..吉林婆从她回来到现在,天天都有电话粥煲(不是想说羡慕或妒忌,只是我跟她同房,要睡觉时一直听到印度话 "ki li ko lok ki li ko lok"的,很难入眠啊..)

听到她跟其中一个室友说:"我很怕再恋爱了"... 我... 有的是勇气吗?


我... 也是这么想的吗?


我只知道, 我已经被放在心里... =)

可是,还是要道歉,本来我是放在脑海里,只是最近因考试,脑袋corrupted,要一直defragment,所以我已经转移到心里 =)



*生日快乐 我对自己说*

对不起,很鬼迟下 =P

我才发现阿juju有save给我照片... 所以现在就post上来

^10月4号, Kangar Pizza Hut

^ 生日前一个星期,被人请在海天~~* 这件海鲜店是在Kuala Perlis码头附近而已哦..

^ 今年的礼物 =) 卡片和狗狗pouch是姐姐妹妹寄给我的宿舍的.. 爱死她们

^小俊杰~* 这个小瓜会走路了...

<<< *外公大寿*

*Raya Party at Kubang Gajah*

在回来玻璃市的第二天,大学举办了一场majlis hari raya在Kubang Gajah的校园..

为免等不到巴士回宿舍的苦恼,我驾车载室友们一起去那个‘派对’.. (我穿baju kurung哦… muahahahha~)
刚好我们找到一个蛮好的位子(就在projector 荧幕后,可是离舞台满远的)… 在大人物到达时,荧幕上直接放出他们步入贵宾席的画面,所以我就…

*snap snap*

无聊的时刻到来了>>> *UCAPAN*




*snap* (hehe~~~ 卡瓦伊哦…)

p/s:这位是我大学的Naib Cansellor.. -_________-“

这位是玻璃市的州务大臣… -_________-“

I salute to you, KB cityplannerSSSS

ARGHHH!!! I salute them kao-kao ah!!!!!!!!!! >.<

I sent my mum to Jalan Hamzah’s bus station, driving, on a Saturday(where cuti raya almost reach its end). 9.30 pm bus, and we went out from house at 8.30 (darn bloody early), and luckily we made a wise choice..

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It took us 25 minutes from the traffic light before the wakaf bharu bridge to Shell petrol station nearby(about 100m ahead)!!!! =________________=

Who suggested to robohkan the roundabout!? Who suggested to build Tesco at that ‘GOOD’ feng shui place!? And who the hell proposed to build Giant at the core of the bloody hell crowded town!?

Since when KB got so many cars one!?!? -______-"PLss... never ask me to drive in KB edi(except night-time larr)... I rather be the chulu rempit girl... >.<

*The HALLMARK Channel*

Watched last night on the Hallmark channel.

I never expect that this kind of movie will be shown on that channel, as it is about a ‘haunting’ event..

Ever since my parents decided to subscribe Astro (ofcoz that time almost all of us were away from hometown studying out there.. Duhh~~ >.< ), and when I first started watching my first movie on the Hallmark, I love the channel so much~

You wont get a chance to watch , , etc etc those hardcore movies on Hallmark, or perhaps not even a glance of Halle Barry, Tom Hanks, Bruce Willis, etc etc those famous artists on this channel either..

I remembered the most touching story that I ever watched on the channel . This story is about a woman (a wife and a mother) who suffered from a fatal sickness with no treatment to cure and minor chance of survival. I watched it twice and it made me cry.. >.<

Well, undeniable, sometimes the stories on the Hallmark are kinda boring, but most of the stories take out a lot of moral lessons for the penon…


Yay!! 回到家了!! *爽爽*
可是这次的路程好累哦.. 天啊~ 可是算了吧! 反正到家了..
*救命啊* 通常,拉亚期间,鞭炮声是不会断的.. 这里,也是一样.. 我的家这边,更是一样.. 因为我家的住宅区后面都是马来人的家.. 所以,可想而知,*枰枰棒棒*到处都是~~ 总是在想,狗狗的前世是不是‘年’呢?为什么狗狗都是怕鞭炮声的呢? (至少,我从小到大接触过的狗狗都怕).. So~~~ 跟以往一样,只要听到鞭炮声,我家的林狗狗自然会跑回家,趴在家铁门痛哭,希望我们网开一面可以让她避难~~ 而且,也跟往常一样,只要我有在,她就更嚣张了.. << 越躲越里面,躲到书桌下...

<< 到神台附近了..

<< 在拍这张照片时,被娘亲大人K一顿:"力垮!! tak bai dui lai deh si zhe kuan liao!!!"(注:你看,每次回来就是酱了!!) ... ... ... ... ... ...我也不想的嘛... ... ...

*makan makan*

On friday night, our maths class's friends invited us for a dinner (or precisely, sahur lo, coz 10pm leh~~) near jeti kuala perlis, coz we helped them in solving the questions of the quizes and tests along the sem.. shun bian, it's bcoz of my b-day oso la..

My housemate aka coursemate Dayah handle the menu-ordering duty, so she ordered 5 dishes: tomyam soup, vege, telur dadar, sotong goleng and siakap! <<< too many liao~~ summore my stomach still upset-ing :(

Then they planned a surprise for me =) ,& actually it's not a surprise liao, coz one fella pecah tembelang first b4 we went to makan, then funnier thing happened, they planned to take the cake to the table without my notice, manatau, i turned around and saw pak an bringing a big plastic bag with a 'box' inside there... *Oh Owh..*... ... ...OK OK, i din see anything.. Nadia came over to cover line, and cover my eyes too.. HAHA!!

Anyway, guys, tankiu tankiu!!!

我希望世界和平.. *puhhhh*

We ordered 2 fishes, as…


好一个23岁的生日.. 又长大的.. OoOOh~ 更正确的说法:又长老了 :p

Since my dear BaNaNa-girl JuJu don't understand mandarin, so this post is specially dedicated to her, english version .. huhu~

yay~ i had a blissful + peace + sour BirdDay.. i get aLot of B'Day blessing from LYN's dearest buddies.. thanks to the BD thread which opened by TongYam, i get few more wishes from some *perfect-stranger* forumers.. plus for those dearest friends, Yin jie(sa yee bo a siong nih??), Chen, Mummy who dedicated the wishes via sms, calls and friendster's messages, thanks thanks thanks~

Last year's birthday, i got 2 small cakes from a friend & another bigger cake from Chin, Qing & saimatkong.. This year>>>

I got 3!! hehe~ & thanks so much for the Pizza Hut treat from LuMun aka LuMin aka LongKhong (gosh, now onli i know about her nicks :p ), KarLin, PeiSia & JuJu.. =)
too bad la, had a upset stomach, so I couldn’t stuffed a lot of food inside me.. >.<Cant really believe that I expre…

*happy birthday*

*生日快乐 我对自己说*

=) yay~ 23 edi~~ alamak! old one more year liao.. >.<


上个周末,和在阿罗的优进和sp的天机相约去槟城找中文站灌水后的沙龙..结果,阿进放飞机了.. 可是没关系,总有机会炒他的~~

到了sp载天机后,他带我去吃车头那里的吉林面,然后他买了一盒《香化饼》 (我忘了真正的名字是什么 >.< ),然后也介绍老字号豆沙饼让我买给unimap的朋友 (被交待下来的,还要被呱呱叫,显)


龙带了我去极乐寺.. (回想下,我上一次来应该是三年级的事情了吧.. 靠~十多年了..)


过后龙带队去极乐寺山下吃laksa (靠~ ho chiak 到啊... *流口水!*)

过后就去Gurney吹波波 (烟烟吩咐下来的),和吃大排挡! 爽啊!

^ 原来这个叫做tuh boh serng啊.. 他们不讲我还真的不知道.. 哈哈!

过后就坐feri过海,送天机回sp,自己到家后已经十一点多了.. =)





那时在做tutorial... (ermm... 真不知该说我勤劳过头还是懒惰过头.. >.< )