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7D7N Bangkok 2015: Wang Lang Market

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Good thing I kept my notes and itinerary and everything in Evernote, so even though the trip was on May, I can still recall things haha. And luckily no one is keeping track so I can still talk about it although it's been almost a year ago.

As briefly mentioned in the earlier post, Hon and I went to Bangkok 1-2 days earlier than our other two friends. Hon prepared all of the itinerary for this trip (which is an extremely rare case because he is a man without planning but he has his reason), FC introduced him to use Evernote and it is like the best tool ever!!

We had the whole day to ourselves since one of our other friends would arrive later in the evening. He let me choose a location as our dating spot. On his notes, something along the line that said "famous among local for food...." immediately caught my attention, and I said "THIS ONE!! Let's go THERE!"

So, Wang Lang Market IT IS!

Note: Hon a…

ETS Experience: Arau - KL Sentral - Arau

UPDATE (July 2018)
1) The KTMB ETS student card is now virtual/card-less! Application is here (click)
Now they require a verification letter (again) from students aged 24 years old and above before applying for the card. Form can be downloaded at the link above. The annual fee is still the same old RM35.
When asked by train conductor during ticket checking for verification (that you bought the ticket with a student card), you can show the virtual card on smartphone and/or your IC
I've kena several kinds of conductor when they check the ticket, some just trust me and don't require to see the card and IC, some asked for IC, some asked for the card, some asked for both. It all depends on luck.

UPDATE (Sept 2017)
1) All trains to-fro Padang Besar no longer stop at Penang, which means no more forward facing then back all the way to KL yay!

2) TIPS in selecting forward facing seats!!!
The nice blogger from lensakami provides this crucial info!
Simply put:
Southbound (from north to sou…

Dating on Two Wheels: 3D2N bike touring to Hatyai, Thailand

Side note: 1 month's effort of diet + exercise, spoiled in just one week of CNY break. Yay!! (NOT)
Hon and I, we are those 'random planning' kind of couple, so this bike touring thing happened kinda 'randomly'. 
Hon has been talking for ages about bike touring, ever since he got his Lerun mountain bike (MTB). That has been one of his dreams for many years and now that he has a bicycle (and THREE now lol), bike touring is some sort of his ultimate goal. I totally love it but too bad I don't have the time commitment at the moment.
I realized that we haven't been to trips recently and there's a window during the weekend before CNY break that I can squeeze a domestic trip, and I suggested it to Hon, and we kinda agreed either in Penang, Taiping or Ipoh for that weekend.
Then, there comes the randomness within a week before the actual event.