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Yellow Mountain/HuangShan, AnHui province


WARNING: Damn long post!

Initially, I was thinking about writing the whole events of my East China trips, not as detailed but just as slightly explained as I could, but I don't think I can. Hehe. So, I'll just write about my most satisfied trip, and leave the rest for the pictures I've uploaded in Facebook to tell the tale.

This would be one of my best trips ever in my whole life. The fact is that, my confession to most of friends and family who don't know yet, it is my first solo backpack trip! v(^.^)v

It has been a long and 'secret' planning, that I have said a lot of white lies to make it come true. I'm sorry to those I've lied, I have a sin. A big one =(

Solo backpack in a foreign country is hassle free if you make detailed yet adjustable planning, where you can either follow what you have planned or making some adjustment according to the situation later in your trip accordingly. A planning is crucial especially if you are the kind of by-the-b…

'nia mah'






作者负责做一本公司的册子,60多页。在好几天的加班后总算大功告成。在要送去印刷的时候,老板说要加一张照片进去。殊不知,‘只是加一张照片’背后的辛酸谁能知?(文章里写入大量的专业词汇,我背不起来,大概就是要冲排页数,彩页黑白页,重做Quotation etc etc etc)。
当然,作者有尝试跟老板解释,可是,越解释老板越听不懂,而且越听越烦,就直接炸出一句:"加一张照片罢了嘛~" 就因为这句无知的回应,作者默默地加了几天班完成任务。


BM - saja mah~
BI - only mah~
Hokkien - nia mah~


往往,局外人不会明白当他们说出‘nia mah’这句时,是会让我们吐血,内伤兼伤肝的。你们可以自己回忆一下自己曾经被几句“罢了嘛”的句子炸到大大力...我自己有几个在大学碰到的:
"Alih camera tu ke tepi sikit saja mah..." (移动camera一点,我得重新排过setup的啊!?)
"Ajar diorang lah. Senang saja mah..." (那你知不知道我是怎么呕心沥血去取得这些知识的?)

... ... ...

想不起来了... 大致上就这样。

通常会说出'nia mah'这句话的人,我们都很会在心里大大声骂他/她 NIA MAH,原因无它,会说nia mah的人都比较欠揍。

Final exam

The draft schedule is out!

3/11 2.30pm ENT411 Imaging
5/11 9.00am ENT412 Instrument
7/11 9.00am EUW212 BI U
11/11 9.00am EUW235 Etnik
13/11 9.00am ENT423 AI
18/11 2.30pm ENT420 Modeling

Ok la so far... Not so tight yet not too loose. Anyway, so far means there is still some possible changes on the schedule, as the title says: DRAFT mah...

I hope the date will not fluctuate too much, if it stays that would be even better. Haha! Nevermind lah even if the papers are scheduled until the last week of final, we the final year students cannot go back early anyway because FYP viva will be conducted after that! Yiiiiiiiii

天山天池之旅 TianChi Lake Trip (11/6/09)

One of the must-visit place in Xinjiang. It is located at the half way up the mountain of Bogda Mountain 博格达峰 (one of the mountains within TianShan Mountain range) in FuKang district 阜康县. It's about 2 hours driving journey from Urumqi, which is suitable for a one-day trip planning.

It is a natural lake on the mountain, making the lake in low temperature all year long. This phenomena has caused the fishes and living creatures inside the lake is in small scale of size, not larger than your palm. Anyway, the myth of a 'water horse' in this huge lake existing. Duh~

Due to the temperature and climate, it is a good environment for some of the exotic herbs and animals to grow. If you ever heard of 天山雪莲 TianShan Mountain snow lotus (a kind of herb, expensive and rare), yup it is a product of TianShan Mountain.

This place is full of stories and poems and mysteries. This place is most famous of the love story between ZhouMu King 周穆王 and Lady Queen Mother 王母娘娘. The picture above shows t…

Easy Question, Difficult Answer

Q:Aik jiak hamik?
A:Cincai. Hamik pun a.

Q:yao chi semok?
A:Sui bian. Semok dou keyi.

Q:Yew sek mat ye?
A:Si dan. Mat ye dou dak.

Q:Mau makan ape?
A:Ikutlah. Apa pun boleh.

Q:What do you wanna eat?

Laugh lah laugh.
Me also give this kind of difficult answer one ;)

An Accident

*I didn't state the place where this accident occurred. It happened at Langgar. Told dad about this accident. He said it's because of the road name! If at other place like Jalan Selamat or whatsoever, sure it won't happen. Yeah he got his point.

Witnessed an accident just now when I was on the way to Maybank.

I was waiting in the middle of the road to turn to my right side of the road, where in front of me was this black Myvi waiting to turn to Petronas at my side of the road.

I felt weird as the place she was waiting has a yellow box on it and the road was clear. Of curiosity, I turned to look behind me where I saw a van stop behind the yellow box and no vehicles were moving at that time. When I turned back to wait again (the traffic was quite busy), she decided to turn with a very slow speed.

After her turn, within seconds, I SAW a motorcycle slammed the Myvi, and the passenger at the back seat of the motorcycle eventually 'flew' on the air and slammed back to the gr…


It feels so good to be home v(^.^)v

I drove all the way back from Perlis to Kota Bharu. Not that there's no back up driver to alternate the driving turn, the traffic was quite smooth that we don't really want to stop. Summore, I didn't have enough sleep the night before as I had a badminton session last night and we played firecrackers at hostel after I finished. Haha!

We followed new route today (or maybe is me only :p): Kangar-Alor Setar-Gurun-Baling/Jeniang.

This route eventually bypassed the highway, so we can save some money on toll which is GOOD! Plus, this route has cut down approximately 50-60km from the Alor Setar-SP-etc route, which is GOOD too because we can save petrol money too! :)

I reached home safe and sound, extreme tired but glad! :)

A new washing machine in the house! Some bookshelfs at the dining area! Everything else is still same old same old. I miss home~ Hugs~

Cuteness Overload Day

Yesterday (100909) was cuteness overload day.


Everyone is being so overload-ly cute and adorable!!

Someone who we don't really expect they can really be this hilarious and cute.

First off, the ever-funny Etnik lecturer Mr. I.

It's his Mid-term test today. I read the notes but couldn't remember it. So we 'shared' our information among us.

After the test, answer sheets were collected and distributed back to different groups (we have two groups in this lecture) to mark the answer. Gosh I never know Unimap students are so good!

Isarel Pakistan (should be Israel Palestine), Irish Utama(should be Utara), arus perkasa (should be perdana), 31 Mei (should be 13 Mei), Denmark Sudan (absolutely wrong) etc etc etc... I didn't score full marks lah, but, funny things should be shared. Haha! Bad me!

Next, it's Mr. YB's turn.

As I mentioned earlier, his cute factor has been risen threefold this semester.

Today, for some-reason-which-I-don't-know-what-is-it, he has bee…


Special date.

090909 090909

Once in a life time.

I received daddy's sms on 9.29am (Nice Timing!!) informing us of their 30th Wedding Anniversary!

And all these years I thought their Anniversary is on 5th Oct as it said so in their wedding album. LoL

Congratulation Mum & Dad!!!

I received a sms from Xiong Hui 3 minutes earlier (9.06am), and 1 minute later from Lim Tino (9.10am), and I received many more from other friends at different timing.

Happy 090909 everyone!

Although it is just another ordinary day in my life. LoL

GuangZhou & Shenzhen Trip 广州/深圳之旅 (4/6/09-9/6/09)

After posts and posts of unhappiness in Uni, I think I should write about something else to enlighten up this blog shall I? ^^

It's one of the unfinished traveling tales to be told when I was in China. Yup, almost 3 months delay already. Ok lah let me settle once and for all slowly...

The initial plan was suppose to be Xinjiang family trip.

It was quite a chaos also lah when discussing about this trip, all of us gathered in MSN to discuss from all over the places (KL, KB and Xinjiang). Weeks and weeks of planning. I couldn't do much though as I was so far away, and the only task I did was to check the domestic flight fare.

However, due to some not-sure-what-is-the-main-cause-of-the-miscalculation circumstances, it finally turned out to be a trip to Guangzhou for 3 of us: Mum and Dad from KL, me from Xinjiang, because it is cheaper to pay for a ticket of one to-fro Xinjiang-Guangzhou than the ticket of two. Did I ever say the domestic flight going in and coming out of Xinjiang is e…

Another day in Uni (2)

A student's day and mood can fluctuate so tremendously within one day like a roller coaster.

In this second, it can be so happy and contented, like having those beautiful sky with colourful rainbow on it, but in the next second, it goes straight down to the hell, like playing bungee jumping with a faulty rope.

This is what my feeling is for the whole week. A week of extreme disappointment, stressed and glad. The scary part of the test is not only the revising and sitting for the test time. The most scary part would be when the marks are announced.

You might cheer, you might glad, you might disappointed, you might cry.

Within a flash of time I feel so eager to just quit studying and look for a job instead!!!!


Of course I might be emo, but I am not stupid.

I still remember my aim of continuing Degree. I won't let it end just like that.

I have never receive any credits from teachers and lecturers before except for this. Mr. M said I was under-performed. From that moment, I know…