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*Back to uni after cny*

it's been a terrible busy week since cny holiday until now... FINALLY!! I can truly enjoy the taste of freedom jor!!! muahahahahha!!!

Visited few of my bestest of bestest friends during the holiday exclude few more (sorry! time was too short as 谁叫初一在拜四 :cry: ). I attended the reunion dinner too, but quite regretted of attending.. (one of biggest factor is bcoz most of my secondary school's buddies were not there). Same thing happened this year: babies gathering at my house on the first day of cny. Hehe! but din manage to snap their photos as.... hmmm.... lazy...

Visited my cousin's new born baby girl too! She's so adorable, look exactly like her second brother!

^ the baby, yen xing

^baby's second brother, goh jiek

^ granny feeding lunch

After the one week cuti, I had my first test on the wednesday. Then another one on thursday. Then an ignoring 7-pillars activity on saturday!!! ArghhhhhHHHHHh
Anyway, I had fun~ Hehe~ bcoz I involved in taekwondo demo, so we are exempted …