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Once in a Blue Moon

Have not been in the right mood ever since coming back from KK trip. Maybe the holiday mood wasn't over yet, or perhaps I was out of idea after the very first conference paper I submitted with the latest result.

Recently been busy of scholarship application and some other extra stuffs. They think postgraduate students are so free, we can be stuffed with whole load of other stuffs. Boring.

Went to Pauh this evening to get a referee's signature for the scholarship. En Shahril was the man. We chit-chatted awhile, but a little lack of conversation topic. -___-

On my way to get the car, I bumped into a junior who will be 'most probably' my postgraduate-mate in few months time. I sat down, and gossips started. Haha~ Women, we just can't stop talking right? :p

On my way back to cluster, I planned to stop by the Bursary Centre to get some documents done. However, I did not want to 'disturb' their preparation of going back (considering the time: 1630), so I changed my m…

Old School





这关 ‘Old School’ 什么事呢?



这首歌,起码有十年了!! 当初我还为了这首歌,买了黄舒俊的新歌加精选卡带呢!!






Thai Movie Addiction

1. BTS Bangkok Traffic (Love) Story

Watched this movie in the cinema. I almost missed it because I was late going out from the house, the bus was slow although the traffic was smooth, and it's 4.57pm by the time I arrived Pavillion while the movie was on 5.00pm!

Apparently I 想太多 liao since there's only three person in the cinema hall! Me, 1 lady and 1 guy. Hah~

This movie tells the story of a 30-year-old 'desperate' lady, Mei Ly, who will go for the extra miles to get the guy of her dream. In a good way of course. I would do the same thing too if the guy is Lum, the main actor *scream in excitement!!*
too bad, there's no one as good looking as him around me, not even close -__-

I kinda dislike some part of Mei Ly's character when she's being undecided, dull and with the ':(' face, especially during the Sokran festival. Some part she made me so geram, I wanted to yell:"Oh come on just go ahead already!"

Towards the end of the movie, it made me cr…

The Adventure of Mount Kinabalu (8 - 13 Apr 2011)

The program was set last November, where initially I replaced one member in the group who was unable to make it.

The flight was on Friday, but I leave Perlis on Wednesday. Haha! Talking about snake king huh! I did asked permission from Prof to take leave, he didn't allow me to go in the first place because of the bad weather (and he insisted!!), but granted it anyway since it was all arranged and there's no way I'm going to withdraw myself!

Summary of the trip:

1.The Mount Kinabalu Conquest

Although we went to KK on Friday, we spent a night at KK park on Saturday, and the uphill trip began only on Sunday to Laban Rata 半山.

^This is our driver, Ah Han.

He was the one 'convincing' us NOT to take the Mesilau route.
FYI, there's two routes going to Laban Rata: Timpohon and Mesilau. Mesilau is well known of its longer journey (6km vs 4km) and its beautiful panorama view, and is highly recommended from mountaineering enthusiasts. Timpohon is the easy, inclining route with sh…

2-3 Apr Weekend Getaway - Kulim & Penang

It happened unintentionally. My initial plan was to Kulim for lunch and meeting Uni buddy, which I thought would last the whole evening, but that fella was busy with his work, so the lunch meeting finished after merely one hour!

So, for not wasting the driving energy all the way from Perlis, I turned my way to Penang to meet up Su Yee instead. Found my way to Queensbay Mall 非常有成就感!!

The food~~

The Buddies!

We haven't met each other for 5-6 years!! I mean me with them. Three of them worked in Kulim-Penang area, so they are always in touch.

It feels so great to gather with your good old time buddies. I had this feeling that we hang around like we used to during Poli time, chat and joke and gossip like nobody's business. Haha!!

Su Yee offered an awesome hospitality too. We spent our night chatting, to fill up the 6 years gap of our life. In fact, she suggested so many other plans that I will need another 3-4 trips to Penang again! Not to forget the long-lost Ah Hau, my Poli senior and…

Summary of Two Weeks (or more)

1. 'Unintentional' weekend getaway to Kulim and Penang early April. Enjoyed Su Yee's great hospitality and awesome gathering with Su Yee, Yuga and Paniza who haven't meet for, like, 6 years!!

2. Conquered Mount Kinabalu!! It's my greatest achievement by far, and in fact, I was the first one in our group to reach the summit! *Happy* But the driver doubt it -___- Dealing with painful thigh and leg muscles now.
Anyway, I have to admit, Mount Nuang is much harder than KK!!

Longer version of each story will up... pretty soon... -_-

Flood and Some Other Things

Second wave of flood has finally hit Perlis, after 5 months! Duh~

Cat and Dogs rain were continuously visiting the town for days + water coming from Southern Thailand + overload dam = flash flood.

The water invasion was slow comparing the previous flood, but the water is rising instead of receding. Sunny weather did put smiles on people's face, but today the rain came again. Let's hope it stays constant but not worsening.

Yesterday I went out 'patrolling' the town to see the condition of the flood with aunty landlady's motorbike. Had a rather bad experience at the petrol station when refilling the fuel.

^This road was clear the day before, but overflow to the road a day after.

^Town centre. Didn't dare to cross it with aunty's motor.

^The police station is outnumbered by the flood! Police motorbikes were lining up on the road, and it's kinda cool~

^overflowed river... waiting to spill out :/

The drain water in front of my house is rising, just hope it stays tha…