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Bicycle 'Foodie' Touring: 3D2N Labour Day Trip Sitiawan-Pangkor

Hey, long time no update~ Let me clean the spider webs first....


*cough* *cough*

OK done!

14 of us had a 3D2N cycling touring around Sitiawan and Pangkor.
Verdict: Damn HOT Argh!!! And makan until so puas hahaha!!

Day 1:
- Drive from Kota Damansara to Sitiawan
- Tour around Sitiawan Town
- Tua Pek Kong temple
- Food: Restoran Jiann Chyi, Sekinchan (shark porridge); 三条路李记包店 Pillow Pao, Coconut Jelly & Ice Cream, Lido Restoran

Day 2:
- to Pangkor!
- Dutch Fort
- Fu Lin Kong Temple
- Tour around Pangkor Island
- Food: Kampung Koh morning market; Kou Lou Restoran, Pangkor

Day 3:
- Food: Villa Seafood Restoran

I didn't have any records, regardless Strava or whatevs, about this trip because my phone broke and I couldn't be bothered to download the app in another phone. So I didn't have any details about the distance, elevation, speed etc.

DAY 1:

We gathered at a mamak stall in Kota Damansara for breakfast and as the take off point. …