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Kejohanan Badminton Tertutup UniMAP 2014

Yesterday, I joined a badminton tournament organized by Miss Siew Ching. She generally (and I think literally) is in-charge of all sports related activities in UniMAP, and it's only a handful of Chinese staff so yeah, people knows her haha.

Two weeks ago, Mogan, a friend's friend who now joins our Wed badminton session which makes him my friend, contacted me and informed me about this tournament. I was told there might be a prize for the winner wubwub! There's only two categories: men and women double, so if I wanna join I have to find myself a partner.

Now THAT's a problem. If it is to find a guy partner for mixed double, I have so many I need to think of excuses to say 'no' to some without hurting their feeling (sangat perasan I am... pardon me); but if it is to find a girl partner for women double, oh gosh I really need connection coz it's just so hard to find a sporty girl around here!!! How comes you girls no like sweating one!??!

Luckily, not really l…

Dating Day (Non-Halal)

This post is sooooo long overdue but I still wanna write about it.

Hon and I had a dating day some Saturdays ago. The first half was only us and the second half was with his friends.

Both of us were being really healthy, slept before 11 and woke up at 7! That didn't include cuddling time though haha!
We started the day early by having breakfast at Yut Kee. It kinda surprises me that we had to get there so early 'so that we don't have to queue' said Hon. 
Apparently Yut Kee is one very very famous restaurant in the heart of KL that you can expect a queue EVERY.SINGLE.DAY, especially (not sure if there's an 'especially' though coz it sounds like there's a line forming every day) during lunch hour on weekdays. 
We arrived around 8.30am and the tables were almost full!! Hon said the new shop (Jalan Kamunting) has more tables than the old lot, but it just means the queue gets shorter perhaps? LOL. In such famous and crowded place, 'dap toi' or share …

Cycling in the Morning

Despite the saddle sore from yesterday's 35km ride, I went out this morning for a ride, and sort of mapped my routine route.

I've been a healthy baby lately as I sleep at 11-ish and wake up at 7-ish. Can't even sleep later than that because my eyes simply cannot tahan! So I decided not to waste the morning sunshine and go for a ride.

I do plan for a ride though so no reluctant feeling at all.

It was such a bliss!!

Cooking with Microwave - I burnt the Potato!

Lately I've been very enthusiastically excited about cooking with microwave, partly because Hon bought me the microwave rice cooker ware that I've been wanted for some time.

Microwave is not the kitchen essential in Malaysia, or at least that's what I see/hear. Most people don't have microwave in their house, or if they do have, they don't/dislike use it. Microwave is not really a culture in our country. I have hard time finding the microwave safe dish because they don't have it everywhere.