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就在我头晕晕,昏昏欲睡时,TVBS Asia放这个MV...

"原來我們 最大的惩罚 是後悔



P/S:Ahma, 今晚能来跟我讲那个男生是谁吗?你外孙寂寞难耐了啊~~~


Moved from the smaller airless room to the bigger airy room last Saturday.

It's still in the same house, but I shifted to the empty bigger room which has a wide window with natural sunlight and air stampede into the room wahahhaha! (OK lah just exaggerating, but you know what I mean)

At first I thought of 'dragging' few friends to come over to lend me a hand on the big wooden bed frame, but then, being a HULK myself, I managed to figure out a way to move the big thing on my own! Hehe. It's not that heavy anyway if it is moved the right way. It's proven that I'm quite an engineer myself wahahaha!

For the first time staying here, I finally woke up of the morning sunshine :) and the sound of vehicles outside -_____-


Happy Birthday Lim Daddy!

I saw green tea cheese cake just wee bit after I paid for this! Argh! Gonna try it next time~

Random stuffs

Went to see Prof on Monday. Didn't talk about the MyBrain15 thing at all, instead talked about other scholarships where I can try my luck, wanting a PC for myself in the cluster and things related to my research.

Laptop came back OK, formatted again. I blame the ImageJ software which always hang the Window Explorers whenever I close the program. This would be about the 3rd or 4th time I formatted my laptop ever since I started my Master program. Sigh~ What to do~ I felt a little frustrated since I don't backup the C drive in the recent time. Everything gone....

Mom has been checking me up again this time, after my devastation on MyBrain15. She called 2 times in 2 days, to make sure I'm OK. And, every time she called, she would want me to 'talk' to this fellow...

^This yellow fur kid (that's his companion, the ngado-ngado cat)

Mom said he barked and shouted to the phone when I called him. Not sure lah whether he is curious of the phone or he actually heard me callin…

Campaign Sharing Time

Money is the boss for the time being. Bear with me haha~ Anyway, these are a few campaigns on ChurpChurp and YouthSay that I find quite interesting and wanted to share with you (earning some money on the same time hehe...)

1. #petronasCNY presents one of the best festive ad, AGAIN! :)

Every year during the festive season, I'm not sure about others, but whenever I have the chance to sit in front of the TV, I would pay some attention on the advertisements, especially those from Petronas because they always produce very nice and meaningful advertisement, mostly thanks to Yasmin Ahmad, the awesome woman.

After her death, I expect not much from other directors to be able to produce such a good quality advertisement. Surprise not, Petronas, again, comes out with this very nice commercial. Very much of Yasmin Ahmad style, thanks to her husband who carries along her spirit onto TV screen.

Yup, exactly what my parents ARE telling me right NOW! :p Disobedient girl, what to do~

Weeks ago, ChurpCh…

Cooling Down

Oh goodness the devastation of the failing MyBrain15 was so great, I was smashed totally.

After sensing something was going to be so wrong the other day, I quickly SMS-ed my parents, some friends and Prof for a light of guidance, so that I will not make a sudden and stupid decision.

Mum has been repeatedly checking on me to make sure I'm ok, just like what happen last year. I 'double-checked' with her to see if I'm a burden, and she sent over few SMS that was so touching, I cried again.

When everything (physically, emotionally and mentally) settled down, one 'brainless' human leaving some beh-tahan annoying comments on my outraged Fb status, so brainless, I decided to just delete the whole status because I don't want to bash that person in public.
Some people, their mind doesn't make any sense at all~

Had a lunch date with Suna on Saturday. Shared a lot of stories, gossips, latest news etc. Had a great chat with her. One of the greatest thing I cherish in my…

The Great Fall

MyBrain15 result is out, and this appears on my screen which is totally out of my expectation and I am so not ready to accept this kind of outcome.

'tak lengkap' my ass.

The only thing I saw 'incomplete' in the backup copy of my application form is that I uploaded the unverified copies of my documents since they are all the freaking ORIGINAL copies.

I fall hard on this one. Really hard.

Along this 27 years of my f*cked-up life, I filled in hundreds and thousands of forms. Academic vise, so far there's no record of incomplete forms submitted by me!!

Although it's not really a big sum of money, at least it can help me waiving off the freaking fees. I must have put a hell lot of hope onto this one after the failure of NSF, I fall from the very top to the very bottom. Hurt so badly, I wanted to kill the annoying cricket in the lab and the innocent boy of my clustermate's whose being nothing but super noisy and annoying.

A friend kept on reminding me about my 'ski…

Happy Chap Goh Meh 2011

A good way to end the Chinese New Year of The Year of Rabbit.

Become quite a buddy with the tayar shop boss. Passed by his shop after lunch yesterday, and we waved up high to each other when he was in the shop and I was at the outside, like very good buddy kind of greeting. Awesome~ :)

Had a KFC dinner gathering with friends. Food, chatting, gossiping, joking - the best part of being with your girlfriends. :)

My diet works! At least according to the girls who always say nice things. Can see a significant waist line! Wahahaha!
However, latest record is 59++ kg, so I'm still at the edge of initial 6. -__-

Will be moving to the bigger room at the end of this month since the handsome housemate moved out. I have been keep an eye on the room for a long time for its big wide windows and natural sunlight into the room! (my current room is in the middle of the house, the only light available in the room is the florescent light, and the only 'wind' available is from the fan. Pathetic!)



没办法,房东在家,不能看Astro,家里又热到~~~ 来学校享受冷气也不错...


(ei...还有Have I told you Lately, Elton John的Your Song, 动力火车的最后一种快乐, Hanson的I will come to you, Robbie William的Angel...等等等等... -__-)


不到三个月,我恨透这首歌... (吴奇隆,对不起,拖你下水了)

用太多铃声 (就为了区分不同组合的人物),乱掉
(快快傻眼吧~ 表问为什么,俺觉得这首歌好听,没有特别意思)


常常,人家打电话来,我会想要听歌而不接电话 :)
(假的假的 ok....)



It's 2.39 am and I'm still wide awake!

OK lah maybe not 'WIDE' wide since my eyes are not willing to open to its max, but my brain is definitely doesn't want to sleep. My mind kept spinning around, with loads of stuffs come flashing here and there. Duh~

So here I am, sitting in front of my laptop, trying to contribute a decent blog entry.

It's almost 2 weeks, and I'm still here in my sweeeeeet homey. Haha!! If Master or PhD has a probation period, I will definitely fail it, and my supervisor will not even want me to complete my probation! :p
My reason: I want to get rid of all the 'holiday mood' before I release myself to the boring land;
reason behind this reason: I don't want all those holiday mood keep bugging me if I go back on last Monday or so, it will make the whole situation worse. At least now, I feel the 罪恶感 already, so it helps in my works later. Excuses!!!

Watched 《媒人帮》 on the first night of CNY. The movie is funny to the max!! 很steady一下的咯…

CNY 2011

Happy Rabbit year to everyone! :)

Had a simple and harmonic celebration so far.

This year, Lim tino decided to do something different about our attire for the first day of CNY, so she came out with two sets of T-shirts for 6 of us with different color and design. Nice :)

^Red + white T-shirt for the 30th reunion dinner

^Blue with our own cartoon character in the front of the shirt

Sa Chap meh: Had our steamboat reunion dinner at home. (the night before first day of CNY). Planned to have a lou sang with the theme 'family T-shirt ahbeng style'(tugged shirt in and pull up the high waist pant!) but tak jadi...

First day of CNY: packed with serving food, heavy flow of relatives to the house etc etc. This year, we had nasi dagang and roti jala for the sake of simple cleaning up aftermath. Ang pow collection was fewer than we expected.

Second day: Had some family argument - dad being stubborn and hard to please. Everyone was not in the mood, so stayed home expecting some relatives to visit …