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丽贝岛 Koh Lipe 四天四夜 (并不长)


十一月一号到五号,我俩溜去了丽贝岛 Koh Lipe。
注:以下所讲的时间全部是大马时间 +8 GMT hour


出发前,我很怕死地到处问行程,到码头的路线,speedboat时间表等,可是后来想想,人家在讲时我好像没怎么pay attention也 -_-

Koh Lipe 4D4N

HonNee went to Koh Lipe on 1st - 5th November.

Everyone has been predicting we gonna be so darn bored for 4 days 4 nights there as it is a very small island with nothing much to do, we beg to differ.

Hon in-charged of accommodation booking and his flight to Alor Setar, while I in-charged the speedboat tickets(*1) and Thailand car insurance(*2).

Girls Gone Wild - Langkawi

Us girls gone crazily wild!!!

As a plan of abducting the bride-to-be for a trip, the minute we had everyone OK with the date, we got the funding, ferry tickets, accommodation all set, and we went off for a weekend getaway. We being me, Theresa, Jynn and Aimi.

Oh, it's not as simple as 'OK'. Us girls have been wanting to go for a girls' day getaway for a long time, but Aimi's been busy with all the ups and downs in her life lately, part of it is because of her wedding in Dec. When Jynn got fed up with Aimi's school's unnecessary menial duties that kept her so busy, she warned:"Aimi, you better leave all this nonsense behind and go with us, or else I'm gonna be a mafia and kidnap you from school there and then!" ...and, threat worked!

Birthday 2013 with a Blast

...It's been a month+ and it's waaaay overdue and dear Hon has been waiting for this post for ages.... Anyway...

My 2013 birthday was a serene blast! :)

Filled with love, romance and gratitude! :D

Family Trip to Vietnam - SAPA

Part 1: Hanoi, Part 2: Ha Long Bay, Part 3: Sapa

Tour guide: ‘Zo’

Stay: Train + Hotel Fansipan View
We were sent to the Hanoi train station by taxi, nearly late because of the road blocks of few roads due to the mid-autumn festival celebration (it’s a very big celebration in Vietnam). The Indochina Queen II Hotel assigned a bellboy to escort us from the hotel all the way to train boarding.
Unlike the train ride in Hue, it seems a little more complicated to board the train in Hanoi. We were fortunate to have such a good service from the hotel to send a staff to guide us. The staff helped us to enquire about the tickets, waited with us for the train, and when the gate opened, he led us from the gate all the way to our cabin.

Family Trip to Vietnam - Ha Long Bay

Part 1: Hanoi, Part 2: Ha Long Bay, Part 3: Sapa

Tour guide of the day: Minh ‘Mike’
Stay: V’Spirit Classic Cruise
Ha Long Bay, aka 下龙湾, aka the Bay of Descending Dragon -- The new 7 wonders of the world.

A van picked us up at the hotel at around 8am and started a 3 hours bumpy road journey along with some 20 tourists to Halong Bay.