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Home Sweeet Home

The initial plan was to come back from Perlis today, but since I 'foresee' the bundle of housework that mom would be happy to have extra hands in the house, so OK la, going back on Sunday as a god obedient daughter Ahem...

Aunty landlady is quite a good decorator. Her CNY decoration on the house is nice~
Paiseh nah pictures taken at night for the nice light effects, but I have low quality camera...

^Two bright red lanterns and rolls of ingots lamp

^Firecrackers-like bulbs and running lights on tree

Thanks to Aunty, I can 'slightly' feel the spirit of coming CNY since the town is quiet as it always is and I spent very few times at the local Chinese market.

Drove home with 2 clustermates at 9am.

^Breakfast. RM3! 3 huge ass prawns!! Envy me please!

I must admit I did drive over the speed limit in most of the place despite the rather bad weather. Anyway, I found that one of the accident occurrence possibility is 'unintentionally' because of the Police's OPS sikap alon…


农历新年快到了,鞭炮声又开始响了起来。那些人尤其喜欢在夜深人静的时候搞热闹,有好几次把我吓到跳起来;有些就喜欢在半夜三更扰人清梦... 这一些鞭炮声,让我想起家里的那个胆小狗,和那个淘气狗。

^年兽转世的路霸胆小狗... 面对塑料蜥蜴就不屑到~~~~


那个十五分钟video,我从来没看过。不是说没有source,看了怕他的举动可能又会把我‘吓倒’。(话说有一次我看了动物被活生生剥皮的youtube,第二天直接发高烧) 看过的只有那些剪接进新闻里的一小段,就连这些也看不下去。

在看恶心纹身男对可怜的Sushi挥来挥去,拳打脚踢,丢向门,墙,床等时,我一直把Sushi看成是个刚学走路的小孩子。想象一下,如果他可以这样对待狗,我只能投给他的孩子同情和可怜的眼神。而且他在打Sushi时,它有哭也!! 那个可恶男大概是疯了吧...

picture taken from this FB page

读着读着,我越来越想念家里那两个傻瓜了... :(



蔬菜+番薯+两块鸡肉=RM2.50!! 去哪里找?? :D


面试失败了,奖学金飞走了 -- 都是预料中的事。
(知道过了一段时间啦,我还是想提一提。你吹啊?:p )










Whatsoever, 她选择放弃,每个人都惊愕,谁也劝不住。又或者可以说,谁的话她都听不进去。


Different People Different Perspective

One of my cluster buddy quits, she left proudly yesterday.

I did try to persuade her to stay, however, since I was the one went along with her to meet Prof, we asked the same thing, we listened to the same thing, we were told the same thing... When I realize the way I understand things Prof said is quite different way from what she understood, I knew I am not the best person to talk to her. The only role I can do is listener.

Everyone has their own perspective, their own way to interpret things they see or hear. People will only listen to what they want to hear. It's how the mind of an individual works, and it's not easy to change it. The same sentence or question or statement, when it is presented to different ears, it carries the different meaning.

For example: "I don't want to do this anymore."

Some might understand it as "he/she doesn't want to do this anymore";
for some, it might sound like "he/she changes 他变了! He/She is not the same person as …

First Time in Everything


Well, there are people who never get into this kind of trouble before, and I bet there's people who wanna tell me:"Hey, your car is about the same age as mine, how come it is so vulnerable?" Yeah yeah, it's the owner's problem :/

The tyre is only 4 months old!! Heart ache :( But it's not a big problem, luckily, said the tyre shop boss. Just a small patch.

...Still... :(

The Failure

NSF Scholarship result is out. My name is NOT on the list.

It's quite my expectation, because I sucks big time during the interview. I failed to convince the panels that my research is beneficial for mankind, they couldn't see the novelty of the project, and I didn't know who is the boss of the scholarship. So it made sense that I failed, and since I don't expect anything of this, the disappointment is still acceptable.

Out of 4 students under the same supervisor, only one stands out to win the scholarship, and I think she is the only one in our university who gets it. Congrats to her, but still, we (me and another friend) have some dissatisfaction because of her results and stuff. You can say we are jealous, but don't try to act like a know-it-all because you are not and you do NOT know it all.

The news spread out among us pretty fast, and the 'winner' didn't tell around, I guess she's in an awkward position too. I was in a neutral mode at first, unti…

Gunung Nuang 9.01.2011

Nuang oh Nuang~

Gunung Nuang is the highest point in Selangor and part of Titiwangsa Mountain range, measuring 1,493 m (4,898 ft). It is also rated as the 5th toughest mountain to climb in Malaysia (I can tell Top 1 is Mount KK but I don't know the rest), and 2nd toughest in Peninsular after Gunung Tahan (or so I read/heard).

It sounded pretty crazy that I took a 7-hour-per-trip bus ride from Kangar to KL solely for the hike. People around me, particularly those outdoor enthusiasts, have recommended me this mountain as a excellent climb training prior the Mount KK hike. So, when LKK, one of lim erjie's marathon buddies organized a trip to Nuang, I quickly pushed erjie on board the 'pirate ship'.

As the hike will take a very very really really long hours hike, LKK suggested that we started our hike at the ungodly 6am. Consequently, we needed to arrive the carpark of the mountain by 6am, and the journey from our meet up point Cheras to the place takes about another 20 minut…

Gunung Nuang Aftermath

^My biggest souvenir

Since Nuang is the natural muddy hill, I only have some minor scratches here and there, and a muddy-ful legs which I didn't manage to take any pictures of as my hands were muddyly dirty and I was freaking tired.

Besides the about-as-big-as-a-5-cent ruptured blister on my left ankle (which still put me in the hell of painfulness), I also suffered an un-illustrate-able thigh pain, leg pain, arms + legs + shoulder muscle ache, toes pain etc. Anything painful that I can't show through pictures.

It was also by far the most painful bus ride for me. The bus was delayed in the first place, and it hurts everywhere no matter how I sat or slept, hence I couldn't sleep well.

Of course, this won't be the official post of the Gunung Nuang hike. It will follow up soon enough (before the memory fades away).






Leaving for Nuang

Oops, I did it again!

This time around, I'm leaving Perlis to KL for Nuang hiking, despite having a paper submission due on the 15th.

It is Selangor's highest mountain. The legend has it that it is one of the toughest hike, measuring 1,493 metres (from almighty Wiki), it requires 12 hours hike, up and down hill, or it generally depends on your planning, whether you're doing it as a day trip or overnight on the mountain, and your physical condition.

It is also recommended as a good training as preparation of Mount KK climb I'm going on April...

Footwear is an important element, and my outcome:


Since it involves streams crossing, muddy floor etc, those expensive and 'elegant' trekking shoes were out of reach, summore most of them in Perlis are only available for male size, the smallest size is 42!? Kek sim...

So, I ended up with one almighty kampung Adidas, and one studded football shoe, and the sandal for daily use, and the sandal is more expensive than the two …

First blog entry in 2011

Reminiscing about 2010, it's been quite a tough and rough year, mostly academic.

My final semester of my final year, the miserable FYP viva, convocation, decision to further study in UniMAP (balik pada asal), and the very last thing that upset me to end 2010 was the NSF interview.

OMG my life is so boring, I ranted mostly about the academic stuffs! -___-

Today was the first day I came into the research cluster after absent for almost 2 weeks. The first greeting from clustermate was:"Long time no see woh....", next "You've been to vacation?"

You bet! I've been going around injuring myself!! Haha!

I went in the cluster with a miserable mood, 'thanks' to the interview. Then the gossip started of course. Cannot missed that out.

As time went by, I felt a little contented because I am 'wanted'! There's someone actually anxiously wanted to share something nice with me and kept looking for me for days because I MIA. :)

Then there's discussion a…