Guinea Pig Project

Yup, I fall into the trap again haha!It all started during the MCO (Movement Control Order) period back in Mac-Apr, the tightest moment when everyone literally stayed at home. Hubby couldn't open shop so he stayed at home, almost died of boredom.I was okay though coz: 1) I'm one of those excellent stay-at-home people, I have tonnes of things to do at home! 2) My work is home-based so... well, that explains it.So, to ease hubby's boredom, I started talking about how I used to have guinea pigs as pets yadda yadda, then we both got excited. My excitement died down very fast but not him, in fact, he got more and more excited so I kinda yield to his interest lah.Then I started seriously lecture him about the responsibility of rearing this piggies, what to expect, what to do on daily basis, what to do on weekly basis, what they eat, what to buy, budget, vet, etc, and he was like, "Okay babe, I'm ready! Just tell me what to do and I'll do it!"Then, the movement …

Jasmine is in Town!

OMG it's been like, what, years!!! I think we last met was at 1U / One World Hotel when Ashton was still a baby! OMG time flies like it doesn't give a damn!

It was such a surprise because: 1) I didn't know she was visiting Penang;
2) I didn't even know she was coming back to Malaysia for CNY!!!
OMG failed big time!

The night before, I saw her Insta-stories with Ashton and a backdrop that read 'Hard Rock' then I was like, OK maybe they went to the Hard Rock in other countries, but nope! It was hours later when I realized it was Hard Rock Penang ah wei!!! 迟钝到~~

Without a second thought, I WhatsApp and flew all the way to see her the next morning!
Hard Rock is located at the very end of Penang Island okay? Both hubz and I shared the same expression in different times when we learned that they were at Hard Rock.

The minute I arrived at Hard Rock, we (being me, Kaima, and Jas + Ra!) went to the 'nearby' foodcourt to tapao lunch, 'nearby' was like 20…

Moon Gate, Penang, Malaysia

A hike up Moongate 5 in Penang Island back in March.

I was with the same crowd, FH and Chai Ling, whom I went to Pantai Kerachut aka Monkey Beach hike with the addition of a new friend - Teng.

The entrance of the hill is located at the Penang Botanical Garden, very easy to find with the awesome entrance gate out front, and parking is actually by the roadside (let's hope no saman).

We started hiking pretty late actually, 11am. Please take note that most hiking trips I participated in started in the wee hour in the morning, some even started at 4am! I was afraid of the scorching sun but thankfully the hill has a lot of tall trees and shaded areas that I barely feel the sun. The heat - Yes, but the burning part - Nope.

The trail is quite long but relatively easy, most of the trails are the cement stairs which I dislike as I feel the impact on the knee, still prefer earth ground.
I don't know how to describe the mechanism but going up the stairs vs going up on the ground feels ve…


Wow, I've neglected you for so long, sorry...

Now that I work as a web novel translator, I have to type so many stories that I feel a little guilty if I do other things, especially writing, that doesn't earn money LOL. So, there goes my storytelling hobby too.

Also, ever since I took up the translator job, I don't feel like blogging too haha, although I don't have many stories to blog about because I hardly go anywhere and do anything.

Nonetheless, here are some quick updates:
1) Have been job-searching (engineering, lecturing, and so forth) since last July to no avail, only been called to ONE interview so far.
I've applied everywhere and through every channel: Jobstreets, 'cables' (help from my social network, recommendations from friends & my Ph.D. supervisor, some even help me forward my resume), so on so forth. No means no.

2) In the middle of the job-searching fiasco, I bumped into a job ad on Instagram about a freelance translator post from the co…

Home Improvement

Moved in with le bf in April.

The house is a double storey low cost terrace house, so we don't have a back door, literally.
You imagine the usual terrace house, then that usual terrace house is cut in half, and the back door of that usual terrace house is the front door of another house. Macam townhouse but we're connected back-to-back not upstairs-and-downstairs lah. Anyway, you don't care, so let's move on.

We stay at Bertam area of Kepala Batas, which has a LOT of Taman. The area is quiet me like-y. One of the best thing about this move is that, le bf opens a furniture store, so our house was furnished pretty quickly with supplier-priced furnitures haha! And the quality is good too yay!

However, the down side about low cost housing is that, the flooring is cement floor. You know, like the floor in your classroom. My tolerance of things is quite high but not this one.

The thing about cement floor is that, no matter how many times you mop the floor, it feels dusty aft…

New Niece: Yao 瑶

Let's revive this blog for awhile~ I miss blogging! I miss writing (casually)!

I have a new niece!!

OK she's already six month old by now, consider throwback lah hah!

Chen (my sister and the mother of the new niece) asked my mom to help in her confinement month, to cook, to do laundry and what not. Her MIL helped during her first born but she couldn't make it for this one so my mom is up. Since I was in the middle of correcting my thesis, I promised to go along as assistant when my correction was done.

Her expected due was supposed to be on the end of Feb, which was few weeks after CNY. Everyone already planned their things. I too already planned my things.
Finished correction in two weeks - go to KL.

However, thing took an unexpected turn.

On the 19th 7am, Chen messaged on our group chat saying her tummy hurts and she will go to the hospital after drop off her first kid Xuan at nanny. Two weeks early!!!

I told Sing (le new bf) about it and that I might have to go to KL two…

Wang Gunung, Sungai Batu Pahat, Perlis

Phew~ Now that I've finished all my thesis shenanigans and ready to submit for viva, let's get started with the overdue blog posts!!

A very super awesome hike!!

Distance: 9.5km
Moving time: 3 hours
Elevation: 500m

Verdict: One of the toughest hikes I've been to, and I haven't been to that many hikes LOL. It is tough and challenging but doable, the view is definitely to die for. I would really LOVE to visit again.

A little info about Wang Gunung: It is located at Sungai Batu Pahat, for those who familiar, its entrance is nearby the Taman Ular the golf club area. A permit is necessary, do take note of that. The permit can be obtained at Perlis Forestry Department for RM5/person. The hike actually criss and cross on the Malaysia-Thailand border, which is very interesting to me. It is considered challenging and tough, some trails require very steep climb with rope (not technical), so glove and a pair of good gripping shoes are highly recommended. More info from here.

The h…