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Cheng Beng aka Grave Cleaning Day

Went back last year with some unfortunate sucks-big-time bus incident, and decided to go back this year too since mom's birthday was around the corner (6th April).

The actual day fell on the 4th of April. On this day, we had a simple praying rituals going on such as serving food to the deceased (of all) and burned paper money for them. The weather has been so hot for the past few weeks, I literally drank the whole bowl of lychees and pineapples cordial once it was removed from the praying table!

We went to the paternal side on Friday, along with my aunties, uncles and cousins. The routine was pretty much the same, started at Tanah Merah grandpa's and great grandparents'. To simplify the praying process, the granduncles from 'nearby' were 'invited' to 'join' along with great grandparents during 'food serving' and praying. From 'inviting', it would simply be carrying incense stick, went to their grave, 'asked' them to go over …

Zumba Brazilian Flavour Master Class with Enrique Salomao

Most of you should know me better by now, that I am a total ZUMBA freak.

According to The Hunter,
"Wow you really go everywhere for this ZUMBA thingy huh..."
"NO I'm not. So far it's just Penang."

14th April, a 'ZUMBA "Brazilian Flavour" Master Class with Enrique Salomao' was held at 24 Hours Xtreme Fitness, Straits Quay.

We, being me, Lee Jynn and Tess, went Penang a day earlier for some light shopping, eating and gossiping. Girls trip is always fun!! (note: ...when you are with your best gossip buddies around, of course).

On the day, Straits Quay was packed as there was this Science Fair thingy going on as well, and the parking was jam-packed full, luckily we got a parking spot after ten minutes of circling.

A Zumba Master Class is something like an ordinary class with extended time duration. It means, the usual class is normally an hour long, and the Master Class extends the time to half an hour more, and unlike the Zumba parties I have…


P/S: 既然都在懒散中,何不把这被冷落的部落格热闹一番呢~

P/S/S: *警告*:格文或许有点过时,请多多包涵~


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四月,应该是接近第二学期尾了,和室友相处融洽,对房间没多大怨言,只是偶然地,如果忘了关窗,会有猫溜进来舒服卧在我床上 (因为我房间在最尾段,我的床又靠窗)


看在那天是四月一号,平时我与她都会嬉笑哈拉,顿时窃笑说:“April Fool 也拿别的东西开玩笑啦好心你~~”


过后,翻了几分报纸, 事实证明,是真的...

我想,那天,全世界人都希望那个消息真的是April Fool吧~~~

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Jangan Cari Alasan untuk Slacking

This blog has been slacking for almost a month!!! So unforgivable...

I have been busy for god-knows-what, and I simply can't find an exclusive personal time for a blog writing, and I'm sorry for that. There are some stories going on around me, and some I am not sure if it's OK for me to write about, so I shall think about it first and decide later.

Went to see Prof on Friday and had a good scold from him. Slackness is the big problem, and he wasn't happy AT ALL about it. Termination sounds so real now YIKES!! Received an email from him this morning about a free-of-charge journal publication and I quote:

Silalihatemaildibawah. Good collection of open access journal, publication is free. Jangancarialasanuntuktidakpublish paper.Banyakfree journal yangbaikmacamni,kalaunakimpact factorIEEEtransactions are there.Ingat, refereed a journal is always better than any conference. Sayanaksetiapstudenttulissatujournal paper, ituadalahsyaratuntukproceed to next semester. Come and discu…