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The Notebook

*** “So it's not gonna be easy. It's going to be really hard; we're gonna have to work at this everyday, but I want to do that because I want you. I want all of you, forever, everyday. You and me... everyday.”

Although Shien said my movie reviews are kinda boring, I DON'T CARE. Tak bagi damn pun :p

It was the election day. Everything settled, everyone was tired, every moment spent at hometown was lazing and spoiled. Then Tino turned on the TV and said 'The Notebook' was on, and I was like "Ooooh Ryan Gosling~ Get to see his acting finally~" and mumbled some random female actress's name that got a scorny squint from Tino.

Frankly, I never watch any of his movies. I get to know him only when The BF and I came out from cinema and saw 'Gangster Squad' poster, and...

Him:"Hey look baby! It's Ryan Gosling!"
Me:"...ermm... Sorry baby, I recognize Sean Penn only..."
"Oh OK. I also didn't know much of his m…

Danok One Day 'Decent' Trip

Since there is a request on writing this post (and I'm freaking damn honored!), so here it goes...

On Friday, Wesak Day, we (me, CK, Voon and BeeYing) went to Danok for a day trip.

It was initially a plan to have the cheap steamboat after I had one on January, but, you know, delays and delays happen. Until one day, we had enough and decided this is it!!

Since CK has been there few times at night, I have been there once at night, the other two never been there, and they can NONE about description or recommendation of day trip in Danok online, we decided we gonna give it a try (a day-trip try).

Departed from Kangar after breakfast around 9.30AM, reaching Bukit Kayu Hitam about an hour later and traffic jam!!! It took us around one hour (!!) for a journey of 200 m to reach and cross the Malaysian border checkpoint. SO many people were going 'overseas' on the 3-days long weekend plus school holiday.

Parked the car at the Duty Free mall and walked for about 200 m to cross the b…

My Snail Mail Moment

OK, enough of all those boring dissatisfied grunts, let's go back to the normal blogging :)

This post is inspired by Rurousha, a South African currently living in Japan. Well, my post would not be as well-written as she does, but I will try my very best :)

This is also a post I wanted to write about for quite sometime, I just can't find the chance to.

The other day, I was reading this post on Rurousha's blog about 'The lost art of letter writing', and I remembered the good old times when snail mail was my thing back in those days. Internet was first introduced to my home in the year of 2001 (yeah I glad we escaped the millennium bug frenzy), so letter writing and land-line calling were the ways of connecting to those staying faraway from you.

First, I need to introduce a dear friend of mine, Chew Wai.

I couldn't remember clearly what happened in Kindergarten, but we were classmates, and we were somehow close. One of the reason should be her sister and mine were…

The Post of Solemnity (4) - Public Security Issue and Corruption

This one, it is all about stories. Mine and my sister's.

***   *** (1)

2007, I was working at Section 19 PJ, and I stayed with my second sister and her colleagues in SS2 PJ. On 2nd April 2007, Monday, I had my usual Monday night badminton at SRGC, and we decided to have an 'unusual' supper afterwards - unusual as we never had supper after badminton after we shifted to this court to play. So, I was back home a little later than usual.

Back then, we had a dog named Holiday. I got home, drove my car into the house, DID NOT close the gate first, instead, filling up the dog's water bowl. Suddenly a car stopped in front of the gate, a guy came down, holding a parang, intended to rob me. My mind went wild, my badminton bag along with my purse and newly-collected badminton funds around RM400 was in the car's back boot, my house was pitch dark as well as the neighbors, and I decided to... shout.

Fortunately, the thief was allegedly the first timer, he panicked, asked me to…

The Post of Solemnity (3) - Single Stream Education System?

As I was chatting with dad about the politics and current issues, it struck me hard when he said about single stream education system, proposed by many. Then I remembered the issue when Sekolah Menengah Perlis here has some issues about the principal or something. Then I think to myself:"Seriously? Are you (not my dad) kidding me? How on earth do you (not my dad) think messing with our current education system gonna do you (not my dad) any good?!"

As an introduction (copied from here), our multi-stream educational system is found only in Malaysia. Our present system of education - multi stream, Bahasa Melayu, English, Tamil and Chinese - stream system has been adopted by our Founding Fathers, introducing an education system which was uniform and catered for the interests of our multi-racial country.

Then, there came this statement from Dr. CD Chua's blog: It is very simplistic to think that a single stream of education system will ensure racial interaction, harmony and u…

The Post of Solemnity (2) - Kelantan under PAS ruling

This time, no more 'pork' talk. Let's talk about some land issues.

Deep inside my heart, way before the election, when anyone ask me:"Do you think BN can take over Kelantan this time?",  my answer would be:"No. Not in 2008, not now, and I don't think it's gonna happen for a long long time."

PAS has been 'feared' by many because of its very strong Islamic touches of everything. The media, the ones under BN-UMNO's control, has been reporting how underdeveloped Kelantan is under PAS ruling; the propaganda was so overwhelming, people from other states would think we live on trees or in a cave or something.

I was asked about the property purchase in Kelantan that I was clueless of. On the day I drove back to Kelantan from Perlis, I had a nice chat with dad to gain some knowledge about that matter.

PAS (Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party), like any other political party, is established to protect the welfare and benefits of its own kind - the Mus…

A Post of Solemnity (1) - GE13 and why the rage


... I voted twice.

I did my part in the morning. For some unknown reason, I remained at SK Padang Garong, same place as the previous election, but the other LIM sisters were at some other school at Lundang area. While the parents argued about the exact location of the school and dad fetched them, I went to my location myself by motor.

I was pretty nervous and felt very lonely when I got there. I queued up lonely to check my saluran, even told off an uncle who wanted to check for himself or his friend. My saluran was at the most end of the school. While all the other salurans were so full of people, mine was empty! The whole process took my less than ten minutes. WhatsApp-ed the sisters and bf, and off I went to cruise around town.

At the afternoon, mom decided to took grandma to vote. Her location was at Chetok, about 45 minutes driving distance from the town. As compared to the town's election atmosphere, the village was indeed more serene and chaos-free. Since grandm…

A Post of Solemnity - Prelude

I have been holding my wrath towards the GE13; I told myself, I shall never start blogging about it until I cool myself down and keep my rage inside, and I shall never write anything political related in my blog.

Now, I change my mind. 

There are so many, SO many things that most of the people still don't understand. Therefore, I shall use my blog as a medium, to talk about this, to share this, for those who still thinks our existing 'government' is not too bad, who says we should be grateful as we live in a peaceful harmony country. My mom being one of that people.

On the way going back to Kelantan on 1st May, dad and I talked a lot about the Kelantan's status, one of the reason is to have some info for my blog, about the situation under PAS ruling.

On 5th of May, everyone was excited, particularly my younger sister Tino and I, who are totally in the 'UBAH' mood. That night (and midnight), we were devastated. I had to postpone my trip back to Perlis because I…


还是,用中文来说比较爽 :)



***    ***

Q: “...你们是不是不能吃猪肉???...”
A: FAQ里排第一,也让我一直翻白眼翻到眼球要掉下来的境界。在全马各地,要找猪肉吃,你应该会到华人餐馆找,对吧。我们这里的叉烧饭,叉烧是一条一条吊着的;肉骨茶,市中心 Jalan Kebun Sultan 唐人街 就有好几家;最出名的‘肉店’,就在巴士站啊,德士站啊,各种各样商店包围着。

Q: “... 非回教徒妇女必须学习把手藏起来,不能与人握手,尤其是面对回教徒男士,以免引起尴尬 ...”
A: 除非你一直住在国外,又或者你都没什么接触到回教徒,不然你应该会知道,基于宗教因素,回教徒男女一般都不会有‘肌肤之亲’,即使是握手也不行,你去到马来西亚哪一个角落都一样。

Q: “... 华人招待回教徒客人,不能随意捧上杯子和茶水,因为在一些保守的回教徒的思维里 ...”
A: 1) 这个嘛,全马上下都一样吧;2) 以前,有个帮忙清理婆婆的果园的马来工人,常常会来家里坐,而且婆婆每次都会冲泡很浓的乌咖啡给他,不见得他会很避忌pun~

Q: “...全面关闭州内的赌博业,那就是关闭万能及多多投注站...”
A: 这一点我没什么意见,毕竟我并不爱买字,可是那些有买字的人(包括咱爹),他们总有办法买到字的啦,没在怕的。

Q: “...不允许超级市场公开出售酒类。啤酒则没有一个管制政策,只限在华人餐馆售卖...”
A: 一,超级市场真的没在卖酒类,可人们总有办法在外面买;二,*窃笑* 啤酒还能在除了华人餐馆以外卖的吗?我倒没看过哪一间Mamak档有卖啤酒的呢~

Q: “...禁止回教徒男女同台演出,甚至尝试要非回教徒跟从...”
A: 话说,我好久好久没去参加这种‘公开演出’了,一怕塞车,二怕塞人,所以 没意见。

Q: “...规定超级市场必须在星期五下午1时至2时停业,以方便回教徒到回教堂礼拜...为什么周末变成星期五,与全世界对抗吗?...”
A: 一,这是真的,而且如果要出门,这个小时里面出是最爽的,因为路上都没车!! 二,为什么周末变成星期五嘛,这个你的矛头也要指向登嘉楼和吉打 (你们很多人都不知道这点吧??);三,其他…

About Kelantan

As the GE13 is around the corner and debates of politics and stuffs have been flooding my FB Home walls (and I find it hard to write in the regular daily updates shit, so I just keep quiet on my wall), I find it most amusing when people, or should I say BIG people, is labeling Kelantan as the worst example of being ruled by the opposition party. I wouldn't say Kelantan is the best states in Malaysia, but it is definitely not bad!

I shared, chatted and asked around, and came to a conclusion that even 'outstation' friends around me are clueless about Kelantan and how is it like being a Kelantanese. It almost hit me as if Kelantan is North Korea where it is so secretive no one know much about it, and the propaganda that has been circulating around is absolutely ridiculous and shit-brix speechless.

Then, I thought to myself, "Hey, why not I write something about Kelantan, my hometown, the 'hell hole' to others' eyes, in my blog, so that people would know it mo…