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New Niece: Soo Zhi Xuan 苏芷萱

Since I wrote about Shirlyn, it's only fair to write about my new niece Zhi Xuan too.

Haha maybe I'm the only one to think that LOL!

16th Nov 2015, eeearly morning about 6 something, I woke up, turned on my phone and I saw several WhatsApp messages from our sisters group, At 5.30am Chen said she felt the pain and going to the hospital, then I slept back.

Got excited also lah coz OMG OMG OMG the baby is coming!!!!!!!!!

Woke up again at 8am and she said she's still waiting for the doctor and to be admitted. Several messages going around like she's been admitted, delivery room still occupied, this and that.

I got up, morning bath and getting ready routine, got out of the house, had breakfast and by the time I reached lab at 10.30am, message came in said she's delivered!


I've heard about people go into labor for hours and some even days, I expected the news to come at least on the noon or something, but that was FAST! Quickly demand for pictures!!