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Kejohanan Badminton Tertutup UniMAP 2015

This happened few weekends ago.

I joined the 'almost' same event last year, and this time, Siew Ching cancelled the Women's Double and decided on the Mixed Double category instead.

When I got the news, I asked around for a partner until Faiq, a buddy whom I played badminton with in Kuala Perlis asked if I'm interested to partner up. Of course I am!! ^^

The tournament was on Sunday, and I started to feel some tingling pain on my right elbow, my dominant hand, during a badminton session on Wed. I suspect it was a 'Tennis Elbow' injury that I got from intensive training (which is not so intensive anyway) - which turns out it was probably from the heavy lifting on Tues in the gym, I lifted heavier than I usually did that day and my forearm swayed.

I went to UniMAP clinic to get the letter for physiotherapy session, received some treatment along with a hotpack and rested since then.

The tournament started at 1pm. It was a lot more fun as compared to last year's …