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*happy birthday*

A very happy birthday to my lil sister Lim Huey Chen who right now is enjoying her great time in US~~~

Happy Birthday my dear!

Wish you have a great birthday celebration there ya... =)

sweet tooth vs bitter tooth

I'm not really sure I do have sweet tooth or not (coz I not really liking too sweet stuffs, and I prefer dark chocolate more than milk chocolate) BUT I definitely don't have bitter tooth! So I not able to finish the whole glass of boh iok (nice chinese medicine beverage) until bottoms-up Leave few mililitres of the nice stuffs but I can't go further coz it's my limit Sorry mum I let u down -________________________________-" Pura-pura dramatic is lame

Home-staying Spoilt Girl

Staying at home made me a terribly spoilt girl.

Let's talk about yesterday and today for instant.

Yesterday: I reached KayBee at 5++am. Mum fetch me at Chu Chin Hin. Stay awake watching CSI and Bad Boys. Fell asleep until 12pm. Had lunch at Mah Poh's place. Stayed back until almost 6pm. Back home. Help mum buy tail number (nombor ekor). Had dinner. Watched tvsss. Slept at 11pm.

Today: Mum woke me up at 7am to go for morning exercise. Back home at 9am. Ate breakfast (mum made burger, self bancuh nescafe). Online+forum+play games. Chen online. Mum chatted with her. Bath after the sweat dried. Mum out of sight. Online after bath. Watch National Geographic and Discovery. Went upstairs, mum mopping floor (note: I didn't help coz I'm a spoilt and ungrateful child). Went downstairs, continued online. Mum came down, said she wanna hek chuan (relax) awhile then only go for lunch and asked me to orkh (patient) note: I did wait. Went mah poh's place to have lunch. Stayed back un…

Pahang trip

So far, it's been a busy and hectic and happening semester break for me...

Ponteng-ed uni's activity to go to Genting (ARGH! hv to check uni portal for any latest bulletin, and YET, I'm a good student no doubt ;) ); Drove back KayBee on wed morning and come to KL on thurs night to join Sungai Lembing trip; and here I am lepak-ing in SS2, waiting to go back KayBee tonight...


Month ago, after owning my K510i for nearly 2 years, only that I realise 'EIH?! got panorama feature in my K510i rupe-rupenyerrrrr'


SuPer n0Ob spotted

Anyway, that particular feature helps me alot in taking scenery pictures

SEE~~~~ Leng mah leng mah??

OK, officially started off the topic.

5 of us (me, LCC, friendY, friendI and friendP) went to Sungai Lembing, Pahang by car (friendI was the honored driver). We departed from Cheras at 11pm.

I were sleeping almost during the whole journey, but sleeping inside a car in sitting posture is not comfortable, so I'm…

New KL-KB route

The other day I drove back with daddy from KL. He recommended to try a new route. Instead of KL-Karak highway-Bentung-Raub-Lipis-Gua Musang route, we tried KL-Tapah-Ringlet-Brinchang-Gua Musang route.

The alternative route is 50km further than the pahang route, and abit challenging as the route involves alot of hilly-curvy-steepy roads. Darn! hard!

We ate lunch (bakkutteh) at Ringlet. Wow! The weather there is shiok!!! hot sun above head and cool windy wind blowing on our face.

The route eventually brought us to cameron~ Haha!!! Bought alot of strawberries and jagongs there... After that I pengsan for the whole trip until we reached GuaMusang RnR. I took turn to drive back to KayBee~

Genting trip

After our exam week, we actually had activity to attend on the weekend (super-duper sien), however, I ponteng-ed Sunday's (11st) event to join my buddies at Genting. Hehe~~ I'm a good student nah!

We stayed at cosy *ahem* Theme Park Hotel, 1 big bed and 1 small bed. It's been quite a moment since my last stay in Theme Park Hotel. Nothing much to complaint anyway.. OH YEAH!! The bathroom's water temperature is really terribly hard to adjust.. Haiyo~~ turn bit-bit too hot, turn bit-bit too cold.. darn~

Our window's view is a perfect outdoor theme park's view (our room is above Marybrown's), so when we all woke up to prepare ourselves for the fun time, I pee-ed at the theme park to increase my level of excitement.

I reached Genting at about 8(something) pm. Met up with the girls and gone back room to rest first before heading to our movie - IronMan!!!

Few snaps in the room The room has a wiiiidddeeee mirror. There was me, sitting in front of that mirror, watching w…

Case of Elizabeth Fritzl

In 1984 (the year I was born!!), Elizabeth Fritzl was drugged, handcuffed and locked in the dungeon of horror by her jilakat father, Josef Fritzl. She was locked in the dungeon until 2008, when one of their children was sent to the hospital for a critical medical treatment.

It was horrified when I was exposed about the news of Elizabeth Fritzl. For more detail, you can google for it.

What surprised me the most is that the jilakat's wife doesn't know anything about the dungeon and believed her jilakat husband's shit about 'Elizabeth runaway from home and joined a cult'. Then again when her jilakat husband took 3 of the children home and claimed that Elizabeth leave the children to them because she is not able to take care of them...

I said this is so 'X-file'.

I read a lot of news, comments, blog etc about this case. It made me feel so terribly miserable and heart-broken when I tried to imagine how is this woman coping with this kind of miserable life.

For 24 ye…


天平是一个特别害怕孤独的星座,天平不会享受孤独. 这种说法让我的一位贱machi鄙视我,说我是那种永远都不会一个人去看电影的人,因为双鱼座的他也自认不甘寂寞.

直到有一天,他在电影院里sms了我,炫耀着他一个人正看着电影... 几个星期后,又来了,一个人去唱k...


直到现在,我还没有那个机会和‘勇气’一个人看戏和唱歌... 一个人看戏其实也没什么好奇怪,反正在看戏时我都专心地看,也不喜欢讲话,更不喜欢听到别人在戏院里聊天... 只是唱k我应该就不行了...




我很讨厌收拾东西的时候... 尤其是学期完毕的那个时候。

每次都提醒自己:死猪头,你的东西够多了,不要带太多东西过来,不要再带东西来... 不能再买有的没的... 可是,每每越提醒,不知怎搞的,东西还是多到一落落的...

从以前在poli的日子,到现在在大学,很奇怪的,我的东西看起来不多;开始收拾时,当全部东西都摊开来,搬出来时,哇咧!; 当认真地把东西一一丢进箱子或垃圾袋里时,其实,也不见得很多...

在poli的时代,没有车可载送‘货物’,很多东西能给就给,能丢就丢,能送就送,能卖就卖(可是那时并没有生意脑袋,不会看准商机,所以大多数都给了 junior)... 而且现在超级无敌后悔,因为当时把一整箱‘珍贵’的参考书都给了学弟,一本也没留,结果现在教授用的竟然是一样的参考书,而且很难找到!气死了!不喜欢收 拾东西的感觉...

开始做工时,自己一个人‘离乡背井’,很多事情都得亲力亲为。虽然偶尔还有朋友肯伸出援手,可是在有些时候,与其等待救援,自己来还比较快一点。所以做工 短短一年多一点点,搬了几次家,感觉上比现在轻松,因为一个重点:我少了一箱装满书,很重很重的一个箱子!可是也有代价啦,那时家私得自己搞定,所以得多 搬床啊厨的... 也不喜欢收拾东西的感觉...

在大学了,考完试了,要上新学期了,又要打包回家了... 可是这次的打包没那么轻松,因为得把东西放在宿舍store room, 而不能像上个学期一样的丢在其中一间房间锁起来就可以了... 虽然试考完了,假期开始了,可是... 还是不喜欢收拾东西的感觉...





Now gonna start packing my stuffs!!!! Holiday, here Nee come!!!


Instead of studying for this Thursday's EM (ElectroMagnetic), I am sitting in front of my laptop for the whole evening, doing nothing but play games, lepak websites etc...

I didn't go in lyn for the whole day (now THAT'S ODD!), spending most of the time modifying my blog's layout.

Notice the difference?

I didn't do any colouring, background changing or any fancy thingy, but just do some editting at the page element section. Those are the 'places' where I mostly visit during online time, will update the list from time to time.

Feel free to drop by and say Hi~

Btw, everyone who watched IronMan said it IS a rating-10/10-must-watch movie. Pleaseeeee lah stop poisoning me... I still have one week to go leh~ Arghhhh.....

Birthday Wish

*~Hope she sees this~*

Last night (Ermm... to be precise, should be this morning), I couldn't sleep well coz it's too hot!! GOSH!! But not thinkind of sleeping naked coz even if I really do so, it will be sticky bcoz of the bedsheet and my baby pillow etc etc...

OK! Enough of nonsence-ing! When I was turn right turn left to find a nice spot to stay still and doozed off, suddenly something came oacross my mind.


And then I looked at my hand phone's date

*4th May 2008*

Ok~ must be a belated birthday to a friend of mine... Birthday... Gold bull... Hhmmmmphh... Who har...


FuQianYi - 3rd May!!

So hope she will see my blog~

Happy belated birthday my good old friend!! I miss you so much!!! Next time when you come back Malaysia make sure my timing is ngam lah pleaseeeeeeeee.... I'm so desperately begging you...... I already miss alot of gathering with you neh~~~~~

Badminton Maniaz

Just came back from a badminton game. Gosh, why I feel like my skill getting worse everytime I play??Another thing: Why the emoticon cannot move one?
Ever since I seriously involved in badminton, I am so seriously attached to it. Wow!! Anyway, still doing my best in this sport.

Right now I really need to train my stamina back as good as the old days.

Cant catch my breathe when playing single badminton, not even 10 points I already give up because i feel as if my nose not functioning and my lung cant get any air from outside Feel so weak

But I have this problem when I start running (even in slow pace).. Mayb bcoz I dono the proper way to control my breathe, I get tired easily and some slight pain on my knee...

Regarding that matter, I got some advices from the lyn forumers; anyway, to make it 'come true', that really need to trigger my semangat first. Kekekek! boh bien! Right now perlis is so damn hot neh!!! I'm melting!!!!!!!!

Still got one more week to go!!! Last paper …

Curi ppl's tag =p

Tomorrow will be my Biomechanics paper, but not in the mood to memorise all the muscles' and joints' and ligaments' (etc ect) names (if I need to repeat the sentence 3 times to permanently store it into my brain, can consider it as no mood la tu~), so I curi Jasmine's stuff to relax awhile... KeKeKe~

1. Do you eat a lot of fast food?
Depends on my mood. In Perlis, I won't sengaja-ly go to Kangar to have fast food; In hometown, no need coz home got loads of junks; In PJ, depends on LHY and/or LCC.

2. Besides your mouth, where is your favorite spot to get kissed?
Forehead, hair and neck~*

3. Have you kissed anyone in 2008?
Ofcoz got la~ kissed my granma and parents during CNY after received their ang-pows~*

4. Were you happy when you woke up today?
No. Last night I slept at 2am, and I have to wake up early to finish the Biomechanic notes by today.

5. Have you ever streaked?
No. Even if I do, people might wanna put jacket on me coz too awful.

6. Are you an understanding person?