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2D3N ICED Conference in Phuket

Went to Phuket for a 2 days conference, a collaboration between UniMAP (my Uni) and PSU - Prince of Songkhla University, Thailand. The schools that are in-charge of this conference are Computer and MicroE, which are not the school I'm in, so I didn't know 99% of the staffs/lecturers there, except Fan Yun haha! I stick to her all the time LOL!

The conference was on Thurs & Fri. I only decided to go two weeks before the date, FY got a lil upset coz she booked flight ticket back on Fri afternoon. If only I decided earlier she would have stayed longer yikes! She is such an angel coz despite my indecisiveness, her offer of letting me crash her room still stand til the very end hehe! She is one of the committees so she gets a free room, and thanks to this/her, I spent so little on this trip!
The bus journey took 12 hours!! I sat until my butt hurts and my back sore.
The conference took place at Graceland Resort in Patong, Phuket.