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Hair Treatment

Since last year, I have an aim of growing my hair as long as I can, the estimated result would be til the waist.

Short history: My primary and secondary school forbid students to keep long hair except those in dance team/club. Never cut the hair short after SPM. Although I've been keeping long hair for ten years, it's never 'THAT' long due to fragile hair type and crappy hair scalp.

I read somewhere about the essential for the last 15 cm of our hair ends. Along the way of keeping long hair, hair treatment is one of my important to-do thing, to make sure the hair can grow long without breaking or rosak-ing. So I've been eyeing for saloons in Kangar for a good treatment. Switching saloon/hair stylist is a BIG thing for cutting/styling your hair, but treatment is still ok lah.

On my search of saloon, I found this banner hang up on a shop about free stuff for a treatment. How can I resist free stuff right? So I went and asked about the treatment. When the lao ban niang…

The Sense of Belonging

Nowadays, I have this feeling of staying in outer space or concentration camp for the past three years in my undergraduate life. This is why... ... ...

1) There's one pasar malam at the town stadium every Wednesday. I always visit it to buy fruits and 'alang-alang'(顺便 or conveniently) dinner, and now to buy veggies for the two furbrats. It's almost 1-2 months I never visit the place due to time constraint and stuff. When I finally got the chance to re-visit the place, I went to the usual stalls for my usual food routine. The first sentence the hawkers said to me:"Lama tak nampak! Mana you pigi? (Long time no see! Where have you been?)" And yes, I seriously felt so touching!! Because...
The thing is, there's another pasar malam at Kuala Perlis every Tuesday, and although it's a smaller scale, but the usual stalls are there, which I would visit when I stayed in Kampung Wai hostel. This never happen!!
The best part is, I get extra fruit too if I buy from th…

The Chronicle of M&M - Epi. 2

While everyone is 'bragging' :p and celebrating the arrival of their babies (yes, I am surrounded by newborns and pregnant ladies nowadays), I can only brag about my two extra furry kids.

Forever arone spotted =.=

According to friends, they have grown so much! It's like from half-palm sized up to one-palm. Up til 10th Nov, Mozzie weighs 547g and Manny 532g. The number is not quite accurate though as they struggle when I try to put them on the weight.

Watching them grow rounder and longer is satisfying, but the disappointing and frustrating part is that they still afraid of me. Although they wheek for food and eat from hand-fed food, but they still run away when my bare hands approach them. This is really saddening...

Earlier October, I noticed some black spots on their white fur. Thinking that it might because of mites infection, I prepared a vinegar bath for them, while cleaning their cage with vinegar and Dettol solution.

^Sitting at the edge of the cage...

I tried to modified…

Private Yoga Class

Last Tuesday, no one showed up to the usual Tuesday yoga class other than me. When I thought the class would be cancelled, sporty Theresa (the yoga instructor and buddy :) ) suggested we try the hip opener steps and some other stuff.

It's like a private class, but more like play time among friends hehe... Tried all sorts of steps and positions, plus personal instructor! What else can beat that :)

Although it's bad for Theresa's business, but I hope this kind of classes are more to come :p

Bad/Rude Driving Behaviour

Note: This is a ranting post. You have been warned.
Having sufficient drive time (more than 1 year) in KB, PJ/KL, and Perlis, I must admit I have the most frustrated experience here in Perlis. And I am not the only one who feel that way!! Anyway, it's not fair for me to blame Perlisians as I prefer to ride motorbike in KB and I curse on the road while driving in PJ too.

SO, here, I would like to list out the most common driving misbehavior that I face nearly everyday.

1) 'Right Turn' Ever since we moved to the new house, there is an increase amount of turning right, mostly on the traffic light turn. There is this particular road that although it's a cross junction, 99.9% cars turn right on that traffic light. Normally, turning right from a two-lane to a two-lane common-sensely should be as below:

^... ... ...right? Very simple~

Anyway, for some reason, most road users in Kangar 应该是 pay more road taxes than anyone else, because they will do as below:


You see wh…

Relative Visiting Short Break Getaway

We had quite a long weekend break, thanks to Raya AidilAdha, so Mom and aunties at KB planned a road trip to Bukit Mertajam and Parit Buntar to visit my maternal grand-uncle and aunty (My maternal grandma's brother and sister).

Lim Tino came to Perlis by train, SEATING CLASS! Poor her, sat for 11 hours!!? Fetched her from the train station, went back for some rest, then head out again when the zhang beis passed Grik.

Relying on Tino's GPS, I managed to go pass Kepala Batas for the first time (as indicated by GPS to take that exit, wondering why...). When we arrived Bukit Mertajam's seem-to-be town centre, her HP's battery went off! OMG!! So we had nothing else to do but to find some significant landmark to wait for the zhang beis.

------ the 'heartwarming' reunion part ----------

Granduncle suffered from stroke, and he has been laying on bed for the last 5 years. It's really regretful that I am not aware of his condition all this while, I only hold memories of …

Things I've been up to

1. IPCE 2011: It's Uni's 2nd Postgraduate Conference. As a Bursary co-chair, my life sucks to the max. Sponsorship, fee collection, and the awful messes, plus all the aftermath-sh*t I have to help clean up!! FML to the max (again). Luckily it's over, and our uni Bursary works so slow, I can only wait.

2. PhD transfer report: 不知不觉, it's been a year now!! I need to submit the transfer report as part of the conditions, while waiting for the viva to come. The submission date should be on the 18th, but the boss need to amend and amend again, so the final draft is still in progress. Gah~ Blame my procrastination too though...


Well, what else but this two furballs who make me so occupied. Not blaming them though, they are too adorable! Except the part where they still scare of me to hell :( The most satisfying moment would be when they wheek for food! :D
Friends say they have grown so much! Good news. Recently they have some mites problem, used up one day to bathe th…