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I need a 'real' Break

This morning, I feel all exhausted, tired, frustrated and wore out.

The Kemaman road trip was child's play compared to the mental struggle I faced after entering research cluster for a day. ONE day. I was a little too harsh for calling them 无能, but they kinda deserve it. Giving them from A to Y, and they still wanting me to do the Z for them. -___-

PJ trip was nothing close to relaxation, all I did on the weekend there was shopping and movie, it's good retail therapy (mentally, not physically).

Yesterday, the bus coming back from KL was slow, I had to rush from bus station to home, and from home to cluster to dance studio for the belly dance workshop. It was great fun, but the schedule collided with another group and we had to call it off after merely one hour.

This morning, I suddenly felt super hot and sweaty, I thought there's black out, but turned out to be my fan didn't work anymore. And since the fan was accidentally knocked down by me few months ago, it did not …

Crazy Road Trip

Perlis - KB - Perlis [CHECKED]

Perlis - Kemaman - Perlis

Perlis - PJ - Perlis

Craziest road trips ever!! All these three journeys happen/ed within three weeks!

My month of May 2011 is spent mostly on cars and various places in Peninsular Malaysia. Of course, the PJ trip is pure leisure and I need a break!

Fish Fiesta

No it's not fishing.

The big sisters in the cluster had planned the food fest since Monday. This time, it's fishes.

The girls were in-charge for stocking up the necessary stuffs, and the food preparation was on this morning at a clustermate's house.

I cleaned few kg of fishes! :) Feel so proud of myself.

Shame to say it out loud, it was my first time cleaning fish.

Well, the cleaning-fish process was divided into three checkpoints:
1. Cutting out the fish's lower lips and slit the belly.
2. Removing the entrails.
3. Rinsing the fish.

I was arranged into checkpoint 2 and 3. There's about 10 kg of fishes for us to clean! After all that, my hands smell very fishy! Even after cleaning with soap!

(haha something fishy is going on~~)

Everything was done by 11 am, moving all the stuff to the cluster, and fish fiesta started at 12 something.

I had 7 fishes!! My tummy is very happy Muahahaha~

A Visit to Harumanis Orchard

Last week, Prof. Keigo Watanabe from Okayama, Japan came for one-week visit to our cluster as Cluster Advisor. On his fifth day here, the higher-rank AJK brought him to visit around Perlis, with us as escorts.

The first stop was to Harumanis Orchard located not far from the town. The orchard belongs to and under control of the state government (or something like that).

Harumanis is a name for a type of mango, which is also trade mark of Perlis. It is big, yellow, juicy and sweet.

Since the orchard is so huge-ass vast, Prof. and the higher-rank AJK got to sit on the 4WDs to go around the orchard, while us wandering around the park.

^Rolls and rolls of Harumanis trees

Most of the fruits were wrapped in a plastic bags. The size of the fruits are temptingly big, so things got a little crazy among us...

^This big sis started to go around the area to pick up those on the floor!

^...and this is the outcome!

All of them were on the floor. We couldn't tell either they fall naturally, or the…


The title means something like 'messy is a wildness beauty'

A friend and me went to Penang Hill the other day. The weather was sunny and nice, a little too hot I must say, but there's breeze of wind and trees around the park to chill the weather.

When we was wandering around the park, the wind kept on harassing my hair like nobody's business, but I couldn't care less, swept the hair to the side and kept walking.

Eventually, this friend was 'offended', and he asked me if I could at least make sure my hair was tidy and neat.

I rolled my eyes on him and said:"你懂什么?凌乱是一种野性的美 ok?"

The friend snorted and sarcastically said:"好!很好!果然很会安慰自己~"

The statement of mine took me back to the good old days, the secondary school time, when it was my most favorite and most spoken quote.

Visit to the 'Ladies' Room' was kinda one of the must thing to do during recess time. Along the way, there's few windy corridors that we need to hold our hair or it…

Let's Dance!

Went for Belly Dance yesterday and Dance Fitness this evening for some sweat out fun!

It's comfortable to swing my body flirtatiously since it's a woman only class, and it's been forever since my last clubbing, getting old I guess, and getting shy! Muahahaha!

I must say, I love moving and wiggling my body like nobody's business! =)

First Timer MC

Had my first virgin MC experience today. The audience was small, and it's not a very grand event, but it was a good experience.

Anyway, I wasn't spontaneous enough along the way, I didn't know how to guide the speaker and audience for interaction and stuff, and I was all by-the-book to make sure everything went on according to plan, and that was so bland and boring.

Got some compliments from the audience afterwards (Thank you very much neh!!), because there's no hiccup, nervous, and the talking was too smooth because I concentrated on the text.

I have been writing personal diary for 2 months now, and I'm loving it! :)