2-3 Apr Weekend Getaway - Kulim & Penang

It happened unintentionally. My initial plan was to Kulim for lunch and meeting Uni buddy, which I thought would last the whole evening, but that fella was busy with his work, so the lunch meeting finished after merely one hour!

So, for not wasting the driving energy all the way from Perlis, I turned my way to Penang to meet up Su Yee instead. Found my way to Queensbay Mall 非常有成就感!!

The food~~

The Buddies!

We haven't met each other for 5-6 years!! I mean me with them. Three of them worked in Kulim-Penang area, so they are always in touch.

It feels so great to gather with your good old time buddies. I had this feeling that we hang around like we used to during Poli time, chat and joke and gossip like nobody's business. Haha!!

Su Yee offered an awesome hospitality too. We spent our night chatting, to fill up the 6 years gap of our life. In fact, she suggested so many other plans that I will need another 3-4 trips to Penang again! Not to forget the long-lost Ah Hau, my Poli senior and my 'superior' during AJK Pusat Sukan time, who has been missing me so freaking much. Haha!

Random Pictah Time:

This is a very bad driving example. That fella smoked, talked on the phone and drove a manual car in the same time!


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