Rest in Peace, Ah Kong Po

Ah Kong Po (Ah Kong as in grandfather, Po as in town, in Hokkien) passed away on Friday 8.30pm peacefully at home.

It's my first time watching death arrive upon one person. Grandpa's room was too gloomy for me to handle at the time, I excused myself to the living room while mom and other adults were in the room with him.

Grandpa was always the lenient one, while grandma was the super fierce one. An aunt presented this following theory: "grandpa was a snake and grandma was a dog (in Chinese Zodiac). Although the snake was fierce, the dominant dog was watching over the snake." while I added, "and it's not any other dog, it's a Rottweiler!" :)

He lived a good life, and I hope grandma and him can live happily ever after in the other world (reminiscing their heated-up conversation now...)


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