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Since last year, I have an aim of growing my hair as long as I can, the estimated result would be til the waist.

Short history: My primary and secondary school forbid students to keep long hair except those in dance team/club. Never cut the hair short after SPM. Although I've been keeping long hair for ten years, it's never 'THAT' long due to fragile hair type and crappy hair scalp.

I read somewhere about the essential for the last 15 cm of our hair ends. Along the way of keeping long hair, hair treatment is one of my important to-do thing, to make sure the hair can grow long without breaking or rosak-ing. So I've been eyeing for saloons in Kangar for a good treatment. Switching saloon/hair stylist is a BIG thing for cutting/styling your hair, but treatment is still ok lah.

On my search of saloon, I found this banner hang up on a shop about free stuff for a treatment. How can I resist free stuff right? So I went and asked about the treatment. When the lao ban niang looked at my hair, she kinda carefully stated:"I think you need the hair loss treatment..." My scalp needs help because I have the obvious !? M shaped hairline which I would say it looks kinda bald. How can a tree grow up tall and strong if it has a bad root right? Same goes to hair.

^This is sad for a 27 year old you know? :(

The saloon uses Shiseido as their shop brand and the hair loss series are really nice. I bought the buy 5 free 1 package with the free stuff - Shiseido Fuente Vita Voltage Tonic.


This is the third tonic brand I've tried, and I would say it's the nicer and most convenient tonic to be used. I like the cold-cold feeling too after spraying it on the scalp.

The uncle went all blah blah about how little my hair shed when he was washing and applying stuffs on my hair. I hardly see any significant effects yet but I hope the product really helps. Or else I shall sigh loudly again...


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Anonymous said…
Can u recommend me a hair scalp tonic that can help hair regrowth since I also have hair dropping issues. Thanks you.
Huey Nee said…
You can check out this post of mine,

I'm using this hair care regime now, the MauPlus products are for hair growth purpose, and that series is very good
Anonymous said…
Take out the towel oг shower cap aftеr 60 minutes, then apply the onion juice.

If yοu are taking сhemotherаpy medications thеn
don't panic cause these medicines results in balding. The other important information is the fact that minoxidil only works providing you always apply it, so once it stopped, any hair which has been regain are likely to get lost again.

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