Jangan Cari Alasan untuk Slacking

This blog has been slacking for almost a month!!! So unforgivable...

I have been busy for god-knows-what, and I simply can't find an exclusive personal time for a blog writing, and I'm sorry for that. There are some stories going on around me, and some I am not sure if it's OK for me to write about, so I shall think about it first and decide later.

Went to see Prof on Friday and had a good scold from him. Slackness is the big problem, and he wasn't happy AT ALL about it. Termination sounds so real now YIKES!! Received an email from him this morning about a free-of-charge journal publication and I quote:

Sila lihat email di bawah. Good collection of open access journal, publication is free.
Jangan cari alasan untuk tidak publish paper. Banyak free journal yang baik macam ni, kalau nak impact factor IEEE transactions are there. Ingat, refereed a journal is always better than any conference.
Saya nak setiap student tulis satu journal paper, itu adalah syarat untuk proceed to next semester. Come and discuss about the title of your paper.
First, this is a somewhat personal email, so no need to be so harsh on the language used; Second, when the Prof gets serious, he is serious and we must obey his order by all means; Third, still asking the same old question to myself "Am I really qualified for a PhD degree" and everyone, I mean EVERYONE is so sick of this attitude of mine -___- I'm sorry...

ANYWAY, I promise for more posts coming up soon. Thanks to anyone who still stay tune :)


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