Bicycle 'Foodie' Touring: 3D2N Labour Day Trip Sitiawan-Pangkor

Hey, long time no update~ Let me clean the spider webs first....


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OK done!

14 of us had a 3D2N cycling touring around Sitiawan and Pangkor.
Verdict: Damn HOT Argh!!! And makan until so puas hahaha!!

Day 1:
- Drive from Kota Damansara to Sitiawan
- Tour around Sitiawan Town
- Tua Pek Kong temple
- Food: Restoran Jiann Chyi, Sekinchan (shark porridge); 三条路李记包店 Pillow Pao, Coconut Jelly & Ice Cream, Lido Restoran

Day 2:
- to Pangkor!
- Dutch Fort
- Fu Lin Kong Temple
- Tour around Pangkor Island
- Food: Kampung Koh morning market; Kou Lou Restoran, Pangkor

Day 3:
- Food: Villa Seafood Restoran

Pangkor Ship
From left: Rex, Jareen, Sunny, Wilson, Winnie, Max, Christine, JH, SP, Mayi, *shameless flex* me, Wai Yean, Eunice, Hon

I didn't have any records, regardless Strava or whatevs, about this trip because my phone broke and I couldn't be bothered to download the app in another phone. So I didn't have any details about the distance, elevation, speed etc.

DAY 1:

We gathered at a mamak stall in Kota Damansara for breakfast and as the take off point. I mean, drive out point lol. To those who think we rode all the way from KL, thanks for the thought!! But nope, we drove to Sitiawan. We had a quick 'tea time' at Sekinchan - shark porridge!

Shark porridge

Shark porridge

Fried shark

Chili shrimp
Despite the long weekend (weekend + Labor Day break), the traffic was alright. Part of the roads were under construction and we saw some groups were cycling on the damaged road OMG. I pity their butts.

We arrived Sitiawan at about 2pm and OMG damn hot!!!

If it's just me and Hon, we would sleep the daylight away and only go out at the evening. Thanks to the tour, we were kinda 'forced' to go out for food since we hadn't had lunch yet.

Sitiawan is known as mini Foochow in the Peninsular (Sarawak being the state with majority Foochow clan). Various traditional Foochow dishes are served everywhere and it's so yum!

First meal: 三条路李记包店 Pillow Pao

We had our first meal, the pillow pao, at a nearby basketball court with cane drink. I don't like eating flour products so it didn't tickle my taste bud.

Our next foodie stop was a dessert shop Kelapapa at about 8km away, and all of us almost collapsed after we arrived the place and the shop was closed!!! Wahlao it was that close to tear down the door and rip off the roof. -____- Luckily there's another dessert shop nearby, so OK cool down a bit~

吃饱喝足, we visited Tua Pek Gong Temple 品仙祠大伯公和观音堂. They said this temple is famous of its efficacious in wish granting, and I came out with my own theory: Coz the place was right next to the giant power grid! All those electromagnetic sure give high power lol!

By the way, this temple is HUGE! Surrounded by a great big wall, the compound was so big and the statues were so big I felt so small. Some friends had their prayers while Hon and I explored around. There's a tiny mangrove swamp by the temple and we had photo-ing fun there.

We had our dinner fix at the famous Lido Restaurant. It was recommended by the locals so, die die must try lah. The restaurant is famous of its Foochow dishes and Oh BOY it didn't disappoint at all!! They moved to a 'Lido Hall' not far from their previous shop lot. Just realized none of us taken (or uploaded) any food pictures from this dinner, oopsie~ We ordered their 'best sellers', such as the Foochow red wine mee sua, Foochow fishballs, fish maw, pork knuckles, about 7-8 dishes in total. Can skip their Loh Mee coz nothing so special but the rest are all thumbs up!!

Note: Such great fun to eat with a big group coz you get to order so many food and try every single one of them!!! It's pathetic when there's only two of us (usually) since we can't order much.

We ended the night with few bottles of beer and chit chat. I wasn't a good drinker so after 3 small glasses I already face red red 脸红红. Hon was slightly unhappy coz I didn't help in loading the bicycles into the car, and a few cuddles solved it hehe.

DAY 2:

We started the day early by packing, checked out and had our breakfast at Kampung Koh morning market. We ordered a dishes called 蛋燕, dried and soup version.


The noodles are made from tapioca flour and egg - chewy, thick and very fulfilling. It's RM3.60 per bowl and quite a big portion! Satisfies with a full tummy and cheap price.

Next, we moved our ass towards the Lumut Jetty to catch the ferry to Pangkor Island!

We parked our cars at the multi-level car parks right next to the jetty (RM0.60 per hour) and pushes our bikes to the jetty terminal. The round trip fare is RM14 and they charge RM3 per bicycle per trip / RM6 per motorbike (pay to the ferry people). Max 7 bicycles are allowed per ferry so 14 of us were divided into 2 trips, which wasn't too far apart.

Hello Pangkor~ Please love me~
The 'vehicles' were dropped off at the fishing boats jetty which was about 1km away from the humans' jetty. We had a tea break at the nearby kopitiam while waiting for the homestay to be ready. Had super yum kuihs from the nearby stall!

I don't know what's the name but it's covered with flour and the inside is peanut. Super yum!!

Tapioca cake - super yum too!
The homestay wasn't ready by the time we arrived, so we left our 'luggage' at the owner's spare house, and had a quick tour at the town.

This was my second visit to Pangkor Island and I seriously couldn't remember much about this place since it was almost 10 years ago since I last visited. I only remembered the huge 缘 stone at some temple. I kept teasing Hon because ‘上一次我跟喜欢我的人来,这次我跟我喜欢的人来’ - 'Last time I came with the person who likes me; this time I came with the person I likey' - and he beh tahan coz he couldn't get over the first sentence LOLOL!

Dutch fort
 It was really damn hot so we stopped at a covered hall alike place to avoid the heat. Such a wise choice coz their kangkung squid was to die for!!! The fried peanut on top was the plus point OMG!!! The kangkung was scalded just nice, the squid was boiled just nice - unlike the usual rubbery feel that I tasted too often, and the peanuts! OMG I really thought about snatching the whole box from the table LOL.

The place was by the road leading towards the Fu Lin Kong Temple, on the left.

RM9 per plate
Oh yes, this is the place I had a slight memory about Pangkor - Fu Lin Kong Temple 福临宫. It was too hot that I couldn't bother to explore the place again, rather just hang out under the tree lol.

See that 缘?
Me under the stone, back in 2005? 2006?
When the homestay was ready, we quickly rushed back, settled down, bathed and got a quick nap. By 4pm-ish, we headed out again for our round island tour, about 15km.

Group photo at homestay porch
Can I just say, DAMN!! Never underestimate the hilly road of Pangkor my fellow friends... I was told, our elevation was of 20% gradient or more, which means, hmmmm I donno what it means technically but it means 'HELL LAH' to the legs!!

Some parts of the hills are either too steep to climb or too steep to descend, we opt to pushing our bicycles for safety reason. Thanks to the hellish leg days from my previous 2 months of weight training, I managed to climb most of the hills using Hon's Lerun Evo Team. I still kinda skeptical when they said I was really great as I was able to climb those hills, then ofcoz more praising and complementing means more cocky of me on the inside lah hahaha!! Although I was all "where got no lah I just happened to ride the bike that can help me climb..." Hon read right through me coz I started to talk about my 160kg leg press and couldn't stop hahaha!

The hilly climb was excruciating but the scenery after the climb and steepy descend was worthwhile. Open seaview, awesome landscape, a tree full of hornbills, so pleasant~~

Then the road led us straight through several beaches that I can only described the place as 'tiny Pantai Cenang'. Narrow roads, rows and rows of resorts, rows and rows of food stalls, and dozens of motorbikes! The beach lane was filled with exhaust waste ewwwww!! Even the crossroads right next to the Pangkor Ship statue was very much alike the crossroads between Pantai Cenang and Pantai Tengah in Langkawi. We had our dinner at Kou Lou Restaurant when it started to rain cats and dogs. The rain was so heavy we had a couple of beers (which ofcoz didn't relate to the rain at all *smirk*)

The rain went on and on for about 1 hour++ and I was kinda worried we might have trouble traveling in the dark (despite having torchlight on the bike) after big rain. To my surprise, the restaurant was actually just merely 500m away from our homestay~ Cheh~~~

The night was spent calculating expenses, chitchatting, gulping down a glass of Barley, and sleep. I was awaken by the sound of Hon 'crying' in the middle of the night - turned out he was having a cramp hahaha!! Then we cuddled because he was cold and I was warmy and toasty coz I kept my blanket on.

DAY 3:

We had to start the day early because I had a plane to catch at 9pm in Subang. I was thankful the group was very cooperative but I felt sorry lah coz they actually didn't have to rush.

We had breakfast near the jetty. It was really awesome as we can order food from next door or the food stall by the roadside.

Chee Cheong Fun - very flavorful, unexpected and amazing
Dropped by the shop selling local delicacies for a quick shopping, grabbed a bag of dried shrimp 虾米 for mum and a dried squid for myself.

The number of passengers taking the return ferry was alright but instead the motorbikes were surprisingly a lot. We boarded the ferry at about 10.40am.

Before heading back, we had 'light' lunch at Villa Seafood Restaurant at Sitiawan.

They wanted to eat here on the first night while riding back to the homestay as this restaurant was full with cars. Fortunately they were open on lunch hour and we got to have a feast.

The red wine mee sua was nothing to shout about (majority found the mee sua at Lido was much better), but the fish, the lala, the CRABSSSS!! Everything was finger-licking good. The spicy sour lala was a 'hit' coz it was so spicy smell-wise, the minute it was served on the table, everyone's noses were tickled and couldn't stop sneezing LOL.

Hon was allergy to crabs so I hardly have any chance to devour crab, this time my tummy was very happy =)

Red wine mee sua

Teochew style steamed grouper

Spicy sour Lala

Marmite crab

We stopped by a mee sua place to buy few packets of mee sua, and started our journey back.

Because of road construction and traffic jam, Waze recommended the KKB route back to KL, and things were made 'eventful' when your bladder was 'hinting' but there's nothing but palm trees on a stretch of 30-40km road -_____- Thankfully I didn't pissed my pants and found a kopitiam to release LOL.

We arrived in time for me to get a quick shower at Hon's sister's place, had a quick dinner and headed to the airport early. My laptop bag strap was torn and my flight was delayed 20 min -_-

IMO: This group was fun!!! It was called foodie tour for the obvious reason - we makan non-stop, did u realize that? Everyone was so helpful and attentive towards each other, everyone loves to eat, everyone eats everything, everyone cincai to everything, it was fun!!! Let's have another trip soon ya?


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