Trip back from KL

Back from KL, arrive at 6.30am this morning. That genius Sri Maju stopped the bus at jeti Kuala Perlis, so I need to pay extra RM1 to go back to Kg Wai... ... ... (Usually is RM5 from KP bus station to my hostel, this morning I paid Rm6)

I thought I can tahan to go to Encik Megat's tutorial at 8am, confirmed with Encik Zul that talak lab, then sms KarLin about the cancellation of the lab, then she replied:"Got tuto leh~"...

at 7.30am she called:"Nee, got tuto oh"

"I know, I'll go but will be late"

... ... ...

Ended up I woke up at 9.50am... Muahahha~ Kena blamed by KarLin and PeiSia during micro-p class coz, due to my absence, they kena 'attacked' by En Megat... HaHa! Sorry girls~~~

AnyWay, those who din attend his tuto need to give him Love Letter leh before Thursday... Sei loh~~~~~~~~ First time ponteng need to submit love letter~ AIKS! what should i write?

Let the picture tell the story pulak...
Random pictar time:

1. Went to Genting with CiCi, Yen, IronTech and AhWang for yamcha session on thursday night.

We walk-walk at First World, and 'settle down' at First World Starbucks.

One of the drinks' receipt

Someone is smoking

Then we cabut at 2.30am. The 雾 is so thick, I shouted at LiCiCi few times to ask him to wipe the window coz I the passenger cant see... -_-

2. I spent so-called big bucks on hair care products.

This two items cost me RM115: The Schwarzkopf hairtherapy Light Volume shampoo and hair tonic lotion(forget the brand name jor... paiseh). I hope my hair condition can be better lah after using these thingy... (but i not sure whether the way i massage my head is correct, very worry that the toner stuck on my hair but not into my hair root only... :sweat: )

3. Usually, after come back Perlis from anywhere, It's not a good thing. coz I'll make big mess of unpacking the bags and the bed and the study table will usually become the disaster's victims.

The bed
(Usually will full of clean clothes (dirty clothes are thrown into the pail), bags and other stuffs)

The study table
(This location will almost be messy, even after one day of tidy)

4. Recently I'm seriously addicted of shopping for water bottle. The water bottle below is the 5th i bought since last sem.

The green chubby 1 Litre water bottle

This is BuBee the Fat Ants

First two bottles hilang, one during final exam at Dragon, one on the bus. Then the other two are 漏水, kenot put inside bag, not convenient to bring to 上课 loh... So finally, i bought this one for Rm10.90. The white tubing is jutjut aka straw. Need to be 勤劳 abit to clean it coz JuJu said the straw is very easy to get dirty and geli.

5. Someone kena 强奸-ing... ... ...

... ... ... speechless ... ... ...

6. My insanaquarium is getting 热闹-er~~~ Hehe~~

Currently I have 5 guppies (1 normal de, 1 blue de, 1 grey, 1 black and 1 purple), and 2 piranhas~ So far the pets that i chose are helping me earn more shells!! *great* Now my budget is to buy a bubblator which costs 20k shells (hope it is worthy)


Licici said…
i wan to call polis liao :(

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