Tonight I am sad.

My laptop corrupted.


One of the window32 file is missing or corrupt, so the laptop could not start. :(

Luckily it's still within warranty (20++ days left) :(

Yet, I am sad. To repair this kind of problem, does it necessary to re-format / re-delete / re-new everything and everything that I stored inside the pathetic lappie will be gone? :( Arghhhh, sad :( If it so, that means second year's notes, assignments, bunch of pictars and movies will be........ !! Arghhhh! sad :(

On 5pm I went to foh jiao hui to baibai (today is chu yi). And I chose the wrong route. Dengz~!! That @&^# route took me 30 minutes from my house to foh jiao hui leh! GGgggggrrrrrr! While stucking in the jammie, it reminded me of Sprint and Federal's jammie. Damn I hate jam!

Sad :(


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