Movie Weekend

As promised, I went to KL last weekend due to the long weekend break (Oops ponteng-ed on Sunday). Watched 2 movies on the same day.

This poster I found in Wiki is cool, it states how to pronounce the 'Ip Man'. Haha!

Wow Ip Man (pronounced Yeep, not I.P.) is good!! damn good!!

Maybe it's just me, Ip Man is one of the best kungfu movies I liked so much after Jet Li's Fong Sai Yok series! I never really pay much attention in Donnie Yen's movies, but his kungfu image and trademark has been well known for so many years.

In this movies, Donnie Yen potraits Ip Man, the grandmaster of the Wing Chun and sifu of Bruce Lee. The fighting scenes were all choreographed by Sammo Hong.

In one of the forum in lowyet where people talked about this movie, most of them commented that Donnie Yen's acting is too stiff. A stiff look belongs to a humble man like Ip Man, isn't it? Gee~~~

My fav scenes in the movie:
1. Kiut~!! : When Ip Man and Jin Shan Zhao are fighting in the living room, Ip Chun cyling out to tell his dad to show his true colour or else all the things in the living room will break.

2. Shiok : Of course the 1 Ip Man vs 10 Karate or TKD blackbelt fighters la!

3. Sad : After Ip Man defeated Captain Miura, the jilakat shorty captain (I forgot the name) shoot him at the shoulder and he falls down the stage, AND I ACTUALLY CRIED! Even though that shoot don't make him a dead body.

4. Math related : Wonder how many punches he give in 1 second and on one same person. Gee~~~

One more thing. Hiroyuki Ikeuchi as Captain Miura in the movie looks 'kinda' alike Wentworth Miller (Prison Break's Micheal Scofield), don't they?


What do you think?

Or it's just me? again...

Comment: This movie is suck straight down to the 18th floor of hell.

I should use the money to watch Ip Man twice rather than watch this


Maybe it's just me. I don't buy the plot they're trying to sell, I don't buy the storyline, I don't buy the leng luiS and leng zai, and I DEFINITELY don't buy Samuel L Jackson's part in this movie, he seems so...weird. Or maybe it's just me.

Seems like this film too hard sell their 'bundles of leng luiS', makes me think 'Should be OK la so many leng luiS, got Eva Mendes summore'. Mana tau totally being blinded by cool posters, trailer and the tag 'creator of 300 and Sin City'. I cannot accepted the filming style, how the story jumps here and there, AND I totally think Jaime King as Lorelei is so random, her role should rather dropped out from the movie.

One word: Suck.

Anyway, I do think the red tie and the white shoes are cool.


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