Happy Birthday Blog Owner (cont.)

I get a lunch treat from Su Natasha! Love love ^^

That girl was just arriving Perlis on Monday morning after a trip to Kuantan. We had our lunch at Anjung Keli, a 'kinda' famous restaurant in Kangar with pricey meals.

We chatted like there's no tomorrow, shared some stories and the time passed without we realising it. She even managed to write a blog post for me. Touched! :)

At night, I had another meal gathering with juniors at Secret Recipe. I played a big role in brainwashing them. Haha!!

^Chocolate Strawberry!

^The cakes!

^with Jen Shin :)

^With Wan Zheng :)

It's pretty tiring, I guess, to take pictures with me because I just don't like to take a stereotype pictures. Haha!

Plus, with so many thick chocolates on the cake, it's pretty much impossible for me NOT to do my usual crazy stuff - the granny teeth. The girls literally resented it. Talking about ruining own image huh~ :p

^Wan Zheng's Veggie Soba. It's quite oily but the smell and taste is nice~

^mine grilled mushroom chicken. Kinda regretted ordering this as it was quite heavy to be eaten at 9pm. -____-

Again, for me lah, we chatted like there's no tomorrow, shared stories until time passed by without we realising it.

^group photo~

^Thanks for the gift! :)

Thanks to my dear friends, I spent zero ringgit and cent yesterday. =D

Thanks for the celebration, thanks for everything!


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