Things I've Been Up To

1) Room/House Shifting

Moved to a new room/house end of July. I now share a house with two PhD and one MSc students. It's a double-storey terrace house which the owner renovated into two units, upstairs and downstairs, so he can rent out two houses separately. Clever huh~

I'm staying at the upstairs unit. Although it's a different 'house', it's still an upstairs for a house, so we kinda have to find our way to arrange our stuffs: kitchens, laundries, toiletries etc. Since we have not use up the space at the 'default' living area, the space is quite vast and we can practice our dance there! :)

The floor is nicer, the in-house air circulation is better. Just nice...

2) Second phase house shifting

While er jie is going to New Zealand for her WHV (Working Holiday Visa) experience, the house she's previously staying at SS2 (which I used to be the tenant too) will end its rental period end of the month.

Since she's not around, us the younger sistas help out to clear the room. I went there for few days trip to pick up anything which is usable, especially those sideboards. So I ended up a full load of stuffs in my car coming back to Perlis, but it worth it, at least my room is less messy with all the things, big and small, stuff into the boards.

3) Guinea pig DIY cage

With a lot of determination, I have finally made up my mind to keep a pair of guinea pigs! While I was at PJ, I went shopping mainly for the cage DIY stuffs, the food for the furkids and other necessities.

It is strongly advised and recommended to DIY the cage on our own instead of buying those overpriced and badly designed commercial cage available in the pet stores (in fact, the biggest size cage in the pet store I've seen is much smaller than my own DIY cage and it is selling at RM400!!)

Materials bought/used:
1) 51cm x 33cm Wire net from Daiso (good store to visit, they have all size of wire net with the same price)
2) Cable ties
3) Wired fence
4) Coroplast board
5) Used DIY wardrobe (those common connect-thingy wardrobe)

Made some misjudgement and miscalculation when considering the side of the cage. The wire net I bought are not enough to use, the wired fence is hard to handle (too hard and sharp, I cut myself plenty times), the wardrobe connection was not really tight anymore, and the cable ties give me difficulties too.

^The base

It measures approximate 130cm x 50cm, almost reaching my shoulder when put upright. I used one piece of 30.5" x 54.5" coroplast board, but it's only enough to cover one end, so I 'close' the other end with the tissue box and shoe box, which surprise me too when doing the measurement as the two boxes fix in just right :) It would be the hide house and room for the piggies, or whatever they want to do with it.

^End product

The pink color thingy would be my tool to toilet train them, and when succeed it would be their toilet. The wire basket is for the hay, ceramic bowls, water bottle (un-hang in the picture), the long box is as their tunnel/playground.

And now, all the cage needs is the owner. Come piggie piggie piggie :)


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