What Happened in 2011

1) Conquered Gunung Nuang
Verdict: It's harder than Mount Kinabalu!!

2) Uniform T-shirts theme for CNY and Min Shin's wedding

3) MyMaster application was rejected.

4) CoCo Lim passed away

5) Perlis second wave flood

6) Conquered Mount Kinabalu
Verdict: Must try at least once in a lifetime.

7) BiBiBoi passed away

8) House shifting

9) Join yoga, belly dance and zumba classes

10) Making a whole bunch of new friends!!

11) Keeping two furbrats guinea pigs

12) Da Jie's wedding

13) Grandfather passed away

14) MyPhD scholarship application approved

15) passed PhD transfer with condition (still waiting for the final verdict)


It's quite a good year after all, especially new brother-in-law in the house and the new friends I've befriended! :)


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