5D4N Langkawi

The Chinese version took me a month to finish it -__- so I'm gonna make it short for the English one...

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... ... ...What?! Huh? What can you do there for five days!?

That was the first impression I get when I told my friends where did I disappear to since New Year.

Well, because we can. Hehe...
In fact, so does a lot other tourists, mainly foreigners, who stays for days and weeks.

Here's some of the highlights.


(After some heated bargaining) We rented a car for RM40 (!!) per day with a company -- which name I did not remember and I misplaced the name card, the booth is at the other end of the KFC row, 3-4 booths wide.

En. Zaidi dealt with us for the car arrangement and stuff, he's been superbly helpful especially in terms of switching cars coz, since we rented the cheapest rate of cars, most of the cars available are either broken here or kaput there, so we've been switching for 3 cars at least when we finally had a car with better condition, but still, the mileage meter and fuel alarm sign were broken -- we ran out of fuel because of this!!


We stayed at Chantique Hotel in Kuah town on the first night, located around Citin Hotel and Hotel Bahagia area. The hotel started its operation on last September, so overall the hotel room and facilities are very new and clean. The staffs are helpful and friendly. The rate is RM68/night, cheap and small room, more or less the size of Tune Hotel's room. There's only two channels available on the room's TV, Astro Prima and TV3.

For the next three nights, we stayed at Baiduri's Place at Pantai Cenang. Thanks to dearly Hon, he successfully bargained a good deal. The rate was bargained from RM120 per night to RM280 for three nights! Initially the kakak wanted to charge RM300, then Hon said:"If you charge RM300, we don't have money for a fish tonight, we ca only order vegetables in a seafood restaurant" LOL. Chatting and chatting, he made the kakak very happy and she gave us a RM20 discount so that we can have fish!! Muahaha!

The hotel provides 4-person dorm rooms which is very rare in Langkawi. We took a peek at one of the dorm and it is freaking nice! 2 double decks, air-conditioned, TV, mini fridge, attached bathroom, very well furnished. The 'suite' we stayed is very spacious, a little too spacious it took some time for the air cond to cool the room. They even provide mini fridge! A luxury item to be found. The only flaw is the yellowish lamp in the room which can be tad too dim.

Places we went

1) Temurun Waterfall
After we settled down at Baiduri's Place, we went off to Temurun waterfall which is located at Datai Bay area. It caught our attention when I saw my friend posted the pictures she took at the waterfall.

Unfortunately, I didn't know it is a seasonal fall and we happened to be there during the dry season, there was no water at all falling from the mountain wall, which is very very tall and massive! The wall made me awe in amaze, with a sad face coz no water :(
Completely dry wall... sad nia
 We took a dip in the pool at the highest tier, then we moved down to the lower tier because ---
The pool is completely empty :) We got to hog the whole pool for ourselves, which is a very small pool anyway. The pool is very shallow, totally clear that we can see through to the bottom, small fishes swimming around, and very refreshing water. When there's more tourists coming in, we went off.

2) Payar Island
I am back!!!! Lalalala~
The last time I'd been here was 2010, I was completely mesmerized by the beach, the sea, the view, everything! This is also the first place I would recommend when anyone ask me about places to visit in Langkawi. 3-4 years ago, the authority controlled and reduced the number of tourists into the island to protect the island, the price increased by few folds and many companies opt for other places to visit. Now the number is increased and the price goes down.

I took the discovery dive package and was nearly gave up as I got very nervous. Luckily, I didn't. When we were on board (we were assigned to sit at the front deck of the ferry, very VIP feel haha), there were 20+ among us, and only four of them, including Hon, were licensed divers. Two foreigner ladies were asked to cancel their diving package for their safety reason as they had a flight to catch that very night. Us the beginners were given briefing on the breathing method, how to handle foggy goggle, some simple hand signs etc.
Our diving boat
 After we arrived the island, we went to the other side of the pier where the diving boat was at. Hon had two dives, he accompanied me on his first dive =) we were also the first group to go.

From PADI website: While not an actual scuba certification, during the Discovery Scuba Diving experience you will learn how to use scuba equipment in shallow water and get a quick and easy introduction to what it takes to explore the underwater world.

Discovery dive is a one-to-one dive, one Dive Master (DM) lead one diver underwater. DM will pull your tank and guide/pull/steer you here and there.

The underwater world was so awesome!!! The visibility wasn't high but I could still see the fishes. I kicked too fast overall as I thought I didn't move at all, the DM kept signing me to kick slowly haha. I saw a group of Nemos swimming around an anemone, teasing them, and one of them swimming towards my finger I thought I touched it! I also witness a school of fishes around the underwater pillar of the pier, swam inside that school, saw different types of fishes and corals and reefs, it was utterly breathtaking!! Too bad I didn't have a waterproof camera. 20 minutes was too short lah~!!

Greenish sea water and fishes
 After the dive, we had the complimentary lunch, and Hon went off with the divers to another diving sites. I stayed back for the 'boring' snorkeling LOL.

3pm, all the tourists were ushered to respective ferries. Thanks to Hon, I got to sit at the designated seats for staffs and divers. We chatted with the DM who led me, he said my buoyancy control was really good that he wanted to let go and let me swim myself but that was against the rules. I was very proud at first but after hearing from the other divers that buoyancy control at 10m deep is easy peasy -____- sienz...
Second visit and I still love it =)
 Besides that, I also realized the benefit of side braids. By braiding the hair sideways, it keeps the hair away from the back of the neck, and after got out from the water the hair doesn't get messy, although it got all loose and lousy looking... Unbraiding the hair, combing, washing and shampooing became at ease hehe!

Ze hair after getting out from water

Ze braids in normal condition
3) MARDI Agrotechnology Park
For those who love local fruits, this is a must visit!

Paid the entrance fee, hopped on the MARDI tour bus, off we go! I recommend visiting the park on the bus as the park is really vast! Unless they provide bicycle for rent lah I wouldn't mind that hehe...
 The park has 20++ kinds of fruit trees and are divided into sections with a label at the front. Most of the seasonal fruits were either the season has over or yet to come, so most of the trees were on leaves and no fruit.

The bus stopped at the middle of the tour for tourists to try out the mouthwatering fruits - watermelon, starfruit, jack fruit, pamelo etc etc... The ultimate durian lover Hon couldn't stop asking the staffs when is the durian season, so, for those durian lovers out there, please come on July-August.. In fact, during the seasonal period, tourists can pick the fruits from the trees too! How awesome is that!?

When the tour ended, we walked around the park, and saw a deer farm. We fed them with the leaves. One of the tour bus stopped and the driver took a big bag of fruit skins and leftovers for the tourists to feed the deer, so we joined in too.
It was an enjoyable trip but too bad I had mild fever after the dive and upset tummy, so I couldn't devour the fruits much.

4) Gunung Raya
 The drive up to the peak of Gunung Raya is long, the road wasn't hilly and steep with little traffic. The view was magnificent and a little different from what you'll see from the cable car. There was more forest and trees, the cold breeze was refreshing, nice~
On the way down, we stopped at a corner as when we were going up there's few cars stopped at that very spot and looking up with binoculars, very pro cameras and all, so we assumed there's some interesting birds to see at that spot. Indeed, there's few birds with yellow beaks, similar to the Rhinoceros Hornbill, flying from trees to trees. However, bird watching was not my expertise, so I don't know much about it.

5) Durian Perangin Waterfall
Durian Perangin is located near Kampung Air Hangat, the hotspring. It wasn't hard to go as there are road signs all around, and the entrance is not far from the main road.
The attraction is not on waterfall (in fact, I was disappointed), but the smell of the durian instead. The moment we stepped foot off the car, we smell this nice durian scent all over the waterfall, and Hon was super excited! Too bad, it wasn't the season yet, so no fruit! Imagine, even when not the season also the scent is there, what will it be when the season comes!! Wowwow!

I have done covered all three waterfalls in Langkawi hahaha!! =)

Food we had

Ermm... I am a very bad reviewer on food, we were very easily satisfied regarding food unless it is really bad, so this can be very boring hehe...

1) Domino Restaurant, Kuah
My second visit, Hon's first and we were both satisfied with the food. The waiting time was a little long but when the food arrived and we took a bite, it was all worth it :)

2) Palm View Live Seafood Restaurant, Pantai Cenang
We had both lunch and dinner there as we were lazy to look around for food. The food is cheap and nice, the price is reasonable, the location is strategic, we were satisfied.

3) Roti canai road side stall, along Jalan Kendawang
We found this stall selling cheap and nice roti canai when we looked for place to have our breakfast. If I'm not mistaken, it is along Jalan Kendawang, and the stall is opposite a school or something. 

4) Boat Restaurant, Pantai Tengah
We had dinner at this restaurant on our last night. It is located next to the main road and very easy to spot. The aunties working there are very friendly and nice, the waiting time is long but the food is nice, the price is reasonable, another boring review hehe. Anyway, bring a mosquito repellent along as the place is open air and a lot of mosquito flying around. A foreigner sitting next to our table asked for our mosquito repellent as they cannot tahan anymore LOLz! Plus, the later it gets, the more people pouring in the restaurant. We were there at around 6.30 and there were 2-3 occupied tables. It took around 30-40 minutes for the food to get prepared, and by the time we finished our dinner and left at around 8pm, the restaurant was full house and 70% of the tables were empty - no dishes served yet. So, be there early.

Extra Bonus

Our car ran out of fuel!!!

After we done with Durian Perangin and heading to Kuah town, our car ran out of fuel along the empty Jalan Ulu Melaka. The fuel alarm signal was broken so there's no warning; the mileage meter was broken so we couldn't know how far have we gone with that tank of fuel. Darn!!

We stopped at the road side, asking for help from the very few vehicles going on the road. We called the company to screw them - and that freaking company wanna charge us for the transport of the fuel!! - , and we waved at the vehicles. Fortunately, within 10 minutes of waving, a motorbike stopped and the motorist came checking us out. He told us the nearest gas station was still a distance away from that place, and he offered to help by checking out the shops or whatever at the other end of the road for fuel.

Good gracious a saint arrived!!! ... and gone...

Minutes gone by, we were wondering if the motorist will return or just go away, and a car drove towards us, stopped, wind down his window, looked out, and said:"Hey you must be the Chinese couple whom car ran out of fuel! I am the motorist's friend, he has things to do so he sent me to help. Come let's go buy you some fuel!"

0.0 Full of awe, surprise, and gratitude!!! We were dumbfounded for at least 10 seconds before we can react. He really is a saint indeed!!

Fuel was bought, refilled, car started normally, exchanged number with the nice guy - the name is Haikal -, and off we went to continue our journey.

Enjoy the trip to the max and just relax~~~ Five days are not that long after all, especially when you are with your loved ones!
I've been to a 4D3N trip with a group of friends that I am not keen with, and on the very first day, I wanted to die ...


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