Wee Shirlyn Update

It's been a while since I last talked about her... her first birthday... and now she nearing her second birthday!

This little rascal has grown into an angel and monster blend in one tiny soul.

She is so addicted and obsessed to smartphones and iPad, the electronic handheld is banned in the house by my mother. By 'addicted', I mean she would roll on the floor growling and crying and screaming and throwing the biggest tantrum she can make to get her hand on her mother's iPhone, that's why grandma comes out with such rules in the house. In another word, we need to be sneaky when using our phone, so less and less pictures I can take of her sien max -___-  Plus, it is nearly impossible for me to take her pictures when I am alone in the house with her, so when there's other yiyis around to be her playmate, I get the chance to take pictures.

Monster side apart, she can walk, run, crawl, jump, climb stairs like any other 1-2 year old child. In the talking department, she can only speak simple and repetitive syllabus like mama, papa, ah gong, ah ma, yiyi, jiejie, white-white (Chen's dog) etc. We train her speech skill by letting her mimicking us when teaching her these syllabus.

Besides calling people, she can recognize the person in a picture and point out who is who. She started doing so few months ago. There's this one time when I went home, and she pointed at the picture where I stand, and she pointed at me! Cuteness overload!
She looking at her parents' wedding photo (a bit 心酸 if you ask me)

Besides talking, she also like mimicking what the adults do, such as when me reading the newspaper, she also wanna follow.
Yup she's not wearing any pant(ies)
When all of her yiyis balik kampung, suddenly there's a number of playmates to play with her! Since Chen is into yoga now, we teach her a few simple poses.
Downward dog
...and also leg raise!

Mom always complain how inconvenient to do everything when Shirlyn is around, so we helped mop the floor, and understand immediately what does mom mean by 'inconvenient' -- because the kepochi wanted to 'help' also...

One day I got home from visiting co-supervisor in USM, took off my shoes, and let her tried on it, and she didn't want to return the shoes to me :(
The cute side, when she sees her grandmother sleeping on the floor, she went down, caress and kiss her on the cheek, too cute!

I guess this is how it feels like, having a baby/infant/toddler/whatever-you-want-to-call-them in the house, it can be chaotic as hell, so many times they make you want to choke them, and there's time when they are the cutest angel you can ever have... and that is just my niece! Not sure how would it be when it comes to my own child *shiver*


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