Foldie Ride 55.30km + 20.13km + 27.68km at Perlis

... and my pelvic bone hurts -_-

... as well as my thigh because of the super tight bicycle pants!

Last weekend, WH and me went for a crazy round of 55km (him 68km because my house was on the way and he had to come to my place which is another 10+km for him). We did a 38km few weekends ago and we aimed for a further route, up to Kaki Bukit and Gua Kelam on our next adventure.

And so we did!

I said 'crazy' because, people can easily ride a distance of 50+km with a decent (I mean bicycle with its specs nothing less than RM1k) 26" wheeled road bike, but both of us ride on our foldie, aka a folding bicycle with 20" wheels! The ratio of cycling cadence is like 3:4. Plus, it's not those high-end carbon fibre frame light weight military grade or Dahon folding bikes which easily costs RM1k and above, no -- our bikes were bought at a regular bicycle shops on the roadside costing RM500 per bike, and it's pretty heavy. Well, mine was a gift from my aunty coz she refused to take money -_- .

Rode 55km in this!
Yeah lah I admit I just meant to say I'm awesome!!! :P

We started at 8am, had breakfast at a nearby kopitiam and head off to Gua Kelam.

We used the 'inner ring' road which is the one stated in blue (R5 + R121) instead of the larger 'outer ring' road (R123). The inner ring road is a two lane road and less traffic as it goes through orchards and estates and it is quiet most of the time, whereas the outer ring (parallel to the inner ring) is a four-to-two lane road with more traffic as it is the main road to Padang Besar.

I must praise Perlis here. One of the advantages of living in this small 'underdeveloped' place is that, it is safe to ride on the federal roads with moderate traffic, and very nice scenery!

As we rode further away from Kangar, the traffic lessen, the infrastructures lessen, and the green increases! We rode pass paddy fields, shades of trees, and we came across this very breathtaking open area of the road where it curves and in front of our eyes is this unblocked view of scenery!

(donno why lately my Xperia S's panorama very sucks -_- hence the 'gray area' on the left )

...with the hills on the right and open view of paddy field and trees. The hills are coated with different shades of green and it was simply too awesome!

At some point, we entered the rubber estate area...

...with shades! Trees on two sides of the road and we got to cool down a little from the morning sun - but not the noon sun -_-.

The roads were not completely empty, but it's like 2-3 cars every 10 minutes, so it can be pretty scary if I am to ride this road alone.

It took us about 2 hours to arrive Kaki Bukit, hydrated ourselves and fed my poor tummy. Went to Gua Kelam which is 5 minutes away and took pictures. First time seeing Gua Kelam so empty! There was like 10 cars at most! Then we headed back on the same road.
Our record!!

Yesterday morning, I woke up pretty early in the morning, 7.30am. Toss and turn, got up to do morning routines (a set of exercises I compile), and decided to head out for a ride.

It was mildly cloudy and windy so it's perfect! Hehe... Riding under hot sun can die one...

Another stretch of unblocked view! I super love the greenery fields and trees with hills/mountains stretches behind as backdrop, so nice! Actually there's some sun shining, but camera no good pictures turn out to be dark donno why also...
Got a panorama shot but, again, it was swallowed by the 'gray area' so not posting that up.

Not wearing my bike pants and because I didn't wear 'decently' (wore a sport short that seemed to be too short when I was on my bike) as I was cruising in the Malay village, so I only made a simple circle. Had roti canai as breakfast on the way.

The girls in Zumba WhatsApp group were chatting, so I sent this over. Tess were like, "Wei after all that exercise u eat this ah!!" Muahaha got hungry half way what to do =D

Wahseh senang-senang 20km haha!

Last night the cloud was thick with thunders and lightnings, and I hoped for a cloudy windy morning the next day for another ride. I Google-Mapped the route that night and was very excited about it!

However, I woke up feeling a lil lazy coz it is sunny! Sunny means sun exposure! Sun exposure = hot! Anyway, after getting up doing some chores, I regained the mood to head out for a ride.

I resumed the route I rode yesterday, going further down the R135 and R133 road. The crossing between R135 and R133 was one of the many newly developed road that cut across the paddy field, hence no trees for shading at all, but I was blessed with very nice view!

As I was going along R133 road, the traffic has lessen until almost none. It was a very slow traffic village road with the occupants doing their household chores. I was very alert about my surrounding and always kept an eye on the traffic and help I could get in case I was ambushed! Although it's really unlikely to happen (don't think in Perlis here, perpetrator would get up early in the morning and look for victim...)

Anyway, as seen in the map, it seems like I got to the end of the R133 road and I turned left, right? (Sorry you need to get back and forth for the map) Actually, that's not the case...

In fact, there's actually a road, a decent looking road leading into the 'forest', perpendicular to the R9 road, as marked in red. At this point I was super curious, but in the same time it was getting late, the sun getting hotter and I didn't have enough courage to venture that road, so I turned to head back to town.

En-route, I detoured to Tasik Melati for a quick look.

Front: Tasik Melati; Left: Nice hill; Right: Eye sore
Today's record
About that red road, the curiosity was overwhelming, so I drove there to take a peek! LOL! It was a long stretch of road with very slow traffic, with nice view too! Tall trees by the road for shading, some hills to ascend and descend, but it is quite a stretch that luckily I decided not to continue cycling down this road. Maybe next time :)

Besides the scenery and safe road, I also super love this Endomondo App. I saw friends using and posting their workout on FB, but never keen to download that time coz I don't really have the chance to truly go out and workout - be it walking, running, hiking, cycling or whatever. Yet, ever since I downloaded it, big small thing I also turn on the GPS and use it! Even when I walked on Pantai Cenang road from Cenang Mall to my hotel I also turned on to see how far it is haha!

You go girl!


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