Foldie Ride at Perlis: Ridin' in the Rain aka Curse the Rain

I had a bike ride with Wei Xiong two weekends ago, and it's RAINING MEN!!!

Too bad, nope, not a single man fall down from the sky... it's pebble sized raindrops, lots of 'em.

Perlis has been raining for so many days, it started during the time I was away to Phuket and KL, continued raining until the 16th which I cursed the sun that day, and been so hot for the week until Saturday. I went to a Zumba party thingy in SP as Theresa's backup on Saturday night and had planned for a cycling outing on the next day, plotting the route already!! Envious!

Came Sunday, we started our ride on 8am. Since WX was busy for the past few weeks and hadn't do any exercises, I plotted a easier route for us, eliminated two flyover climbing.

When we were on Jalan Santan going towards Beseri, the clouds came. I noticed, kept quiet, shush WX when he mentioned about the clouds, but the sky just didn't love me much. It started drizzling...

We couldn't care less about the drizzles so we continued our journey. Just when we wanted to 'finally' go to my most favorite road in Perlis, it got heavier!! I was sooooo disappointed we had to detour to Tasik Melati (since he never been there before).


Such beautiful little pinky
We entered a lot of those narrow roads that we definitely wouldn't go into it if we drive.

Oops didn't notice it was captured askew
From there, we gone haywire!! Check out my route recorded in Endomondo and you'll know...

Screen cap

We went into villages' and orchards' narrow roads, came out, drenched under the heavy rain, went around everywhere we could to make up what we've missed, drenched some more until there's no place on our body that was dry!! It was crazy!!! Along the way we cursed the rain because it was so freaking hot the day before! Y rain today!!!?

When it's almost noon we had to stop our craze and head back town for lunch. Luckily both of us didn't get fever after the rain drenching.

Turns out, it is FUN riding in the rain!! Not that I will only ride in rain now, but I wouldn't mind if it rains the next time I ride hahaha!!


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