Cycling in the Morning

Despite the saddle sore from yesterday's 35km ride, I went out this morning for a ride, and sort of mapped my routine route.

I've been a healthy baby lately as I sleep at 11-ish and wake up at 7-ish. Can't even sleep later than that because my eyes simply cannot tahan! So I decided not to waste the morning sunshine and go for a ride.

I do plan for a ride though so no reluctant feeling at all.

It was such a bliss!!

The morning breeze was frizzly cold and fresh, the sunshine was gentle, the traffic was low and slow.

The sky was sooooo blue!

I didn't realize that until I got back and check my phone. I swear I do not use any filters or editing on those pictures because I simply suck at it, the pictures are original raw pictures from my phone!

Plus now enters the planting season of the paddy field and also my most favorite greenery season! Such a beautiful greenish view me likey! :)

It was also a good route for a spontaneous ride - mostly flat roads with some slight uphills and downhills here and there, two railway flyover crossings for cardio, most roads are not heavily patched and damaged (decrease the chances of saddle bumps), few traffic lights that you can easily run the red lights as no traffic, just some junctions to beware of.

A 21.53km record of 1 hour 17 min, not bad! But must ride on early morning, I find I prefer bike rides no later than 9.30am because riding under the sun is so tormenting.

Came home and cooked myself a flavorful quiche (been very addicted to cook this lately haha!), Fuji apple, coffee and baked potato.

Side Story:

Went out for a ride with Cikgu Azizan yesterday from Kangar to Bukit Ayer. It's been so long since I last rode alongside with him, he really is a good riding companion and I like the most that he knows a lot of small villages road which is the backbone of Perlis and offer awesome views...

...and there's a BUT. Despite all that, he reminds me (again) why did I not wanting to ride with him last time. He can't seem to keep his mouth shut -_- I don't mean the bad way lah but whenever he sees people, he would make a short introduction about himself and then go on and on and on about me (She is a PhD student, she is from Unimap, she can FIX leukemia OMiGosh!!), with strangers!! I was so embarrassed I wish there's a hole for me to stuck my head in it like an ostrich. I mean, OK lah that sounds like a compliment but you don't have to say it out loud, or say it at all right? Have been telling him so many times to stop but, well, it sounds like I sass-mouthing to an elderly pulak :/

I had saddle sores as we switched bikes to ride from Kangar to Bukit Ayer. I find that I already not used to the usual racing bike position the leaning forward position gave my back some hard time, and cikgu's bike saddle doesn't have much cushion on it it's like riding on a hard plastic plank... I was misery while I stared at my bike and the add-on cushion for the saddle from behind... Aiks.

So much complaints LOL.


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