Kejohanan Badminton Tertutup UniMAP 2014

Yesterday, I joined a badminton tournament organized by Miss Siew Ching. She generally (and I think literally) is in-charge of all sports related activities in UniMAP, and it's only a handful of Chinese staff so yeah, people knows her haha.

Two weeks ago, Mogan, a friend's friend who now joins our Wed badminton session which makes him my friend, contacted me and informed me about this tournament. I was told there might be a prize for the winner wubwub! There's only two categories: men and women double, so if I wanna join I have to find myself a partner.

Now THAT's a problem. If it is to find a guy partner for mixed double, I have so many I need to think of excuses to say 'no' to some without hurting their feeling (sangat perasan I am... pardon me); but if it is to find a girl partner for women double, oh gosh I really need connection coz it's just so hard to find a sporty girl around here!!! How comes you girls no like sweating one!??!

Luckily, not really last minute, I found a friend's friend, Ellaine, whom I met once in the gym, and she said OK!

We trained and practiced for three days and we were ready!

Or... were we?? Hahaha~~

The tournament was held at Kubang Gajah, one of our campuses. 96% of the participants are undergrads, 4 of us (Mogan, Wei Jer, Ellaine and me) felt out of place, we feel so OLD among those youngsters! Some even look like secondary school kids!

There were 28 teams on men's double and 10 teams on women's double. Due to many men's teams and only three courts available, even though the game started at 2.30pm, we waited until about 4pm for our first match!! They use the single-elimination system.

I must admit I was very kan cheong at the time because I hardly been to any tournament for so many years!! During the first match I was even shaking and trembling, I made some mistakes on the first few points LOL.

Some of the female players are really good, and the good thing is they are undergrads so there is hope that they will be selected to be in Uni's team. Not only that, our eyes got busy scanning the youngsters and some of them are really cute!! There are some cute guys (or should I say 'boys') LOL.

We lose on the semi-final as I made too many unforgivable mistakes (I made, like, 3-4 service errors 白白送分给人家了 -_- ) and one of the girls who can play kept on feeding balls to Ellaine.

When the final matches were on, we saw Siew Ching setting up the table and putting up the prizes. Then I noticed, besides the tall cups for the first and second runner-up, there's some smaller cup besides it, so I asked Mogan to ask Siew Ching about it. It turned out, hahaha third place also got piala!!

Me and le partner

Got socks summore hahaha!!! Well better than nothing loh~

So, when will be the next tournament????
(must ask about prizes before signing in LOL)


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