Silver Linings

Silver Lining#1: I have a couple of dearest friends :) I was in Bangkok when I was told via FB messages my house flooded again, and this time around it was the worst as the whole (upstairs) house was in water and downstairs house also kena. Quickly asked few friends (Johnson, WJ and FH) to help me check it out and elevate anything that were on the floors, especially the mattresses. Then it happened again few days later, downstairs friends BY and Voon checked my roof and found puddles of rainwater due to stuck pipe. They helped clear the rubbish, even contacted owner to do something about it. All these done while I was 1000km away.

Silver Lining #2: I have the best boyfriend in the world :) Hon makes the Bangkok trip a pleasant one despite some slight (or should I say "very" -_-) unpleasant scenario happened.

Silver Lining #3: I have the best labmate ever :) Came back to step on the sticky floor, spent whole day mopping cleaning and sweating, came in the lab to find a lovely bag from Sarawak for me!!

Silver Lining #4: Accidentally broke the water pump. Called in the plumber a little too late and there's no way he can fix it. It was installed about 2 months ago and I broke it, that's mean I have to use my own money to get it fixed darn.. At least he called me "美丽的小姐" "Pretty Lady" countless times haha :)


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