2D1N Teluk Intan Foodie + Wedding Trip

I admit the dual-lingual post is just to boost my reader statistics lol. Please bear with me.

Last weekend, me and Wendy (and Jayden, her 9mo son) went for a 2D1N trip to Teluk Intan, Perak for our housemate, Nad's wedding. The main agenda was the wedding, the next important mission was of course the food lah!!

My responsibility for this trip was a rather big one (or I just perasan you don't say), because we have a 9 month-old toddler along who still is recovering from his fever, and I am the main planner for this trip! Woah I haven't do such thing for as long as I can remember since I've been together with Hon coz that's his thing! I felt kinda nervous, with a kid summore. I viewed it as some sort of training for myself haha!

Since Nad's Akad Nikah or wedding solemnization was on Friday 3pm, we departed from Perlis that morning assuming we manage to catch that time.

WTF Google Map your 4 hours plus ETA cannot trust one! We planned to depart at 8am, but you know about self-planned trip, we departed an hour later, and we arrived Teluk Intan at 4pm! By the time we went to Nad's house, the ceremony had already long done and we were the only guests haha!

Stay: TnT Novelty House, Taman Fajar Indah, Jalan Sultan Abdullah

(Pictures are grabbed from Google Image and their blog)

Wendy booked this TnT Novelty House (homestay/motel/hotel) in Booking.com at the price RM89 for a queen-size + single bed room.

I did a brief search on Google and from the look of their blog, it was pretty nice.

But, the problem with me is I often checked the reviews, mainly the bad one, AFTER I stay at the particular place, so some of the bad reviews, I agree to differ lah.

Here is my humble/honest opinion:

The compound of the homestay is HUGE! Because it's their own land.
The structure concept is unique, they use mainly Cengal wood for the main structure and the have different kinds of rooms - they even have a 8 pax dorms and such, an all-wood living hall.
However, because it's been 14 years now, it's somehow aged lah. For example, the cotton blanket in our room is well worn, so we spotted some scrap cottons over the bed and we suspected that's what trigger Jayden's runny nose and mild skin rash.
They have an indoor car park, but for convenient purpose we parked the car outside. And there's another flaw on their side too from what I noticed. As their security measure is for us to ring the door bell and they open the door from the inside but not the norm key-card or key to open the door from the outside, that night when I went out for Chee Cheong Fun search, it was raining so I had to drench in the rain while waiting for them to open the door, summore the foreign worker slowly and skeptically open the gate aiyoh! The worse part is their awning isn't far out enough so there's no much place for cover.
They provide drinking water and hot water at the lobby, and we saw some bicycles and kids' walker too.
I didn't get a chance to explore the place as we were quite rushing on this trip.

The owner, Ms Tan and her goddaughter (I didn't get her name) greeted us upon our arrival. Thanks to Jayden, everyone's attention was on him!

We took the single bedroom with 1 queen-size bed and a single futon bed with attached bathroom, RM89.

The room size is moderate, but because of the bed frame, it became much smaller. The bathroom, on the other hand, is unusually big! You can easily fit two more people in there lol.

The TV only has NTV7 and 8TV, and their water heater is somehow slow.

In front of our room is a 8 pax dorm, I got to take a peek when the workers were cleaning.

One of the bad online reviews is regarding the check-out matter, which Ms Tan mentioned/reminded us of too upon our arrival. Since they don't have enough hands (they only have two workers), so they always hope that guests can check out on-time at 12pm so they can start cleaning and get the room ready for the next guests. Often times, they don't have the guests' phone number so they had to knock on their door to remind them the check out time, which can be rather annoying lah as a paying customer, as if they are chasing you away. On this matter, agree to differ lah, it's quite a valid reason, plus a good communication between two parts is all it takes.

Ms Tan the owner is quite enthusiast in recommending local food too yay!


1) Hawaii No. 1 Lo Hon Ko, Jalan Sekolah

This dessert shop is located right next to a Convent school, it is so obvious their main customers are the students. Nad said this place is one of their 'evening tea/hang out place'.

They have a shop lot, but for reason they set everything up on a food truck right in front of their shop with tables and chairs around, just like the mini food stalls right next to schools.

By the time we arrived at around 5pm, they were closing and they left only rojak, lo hon ko and laksa. We ordered two bowls of lo hon ko and a plate of rojak.

If there's something to shout about, the price is one. RM11.70!!!! So friggin expensive!!! The lo hon ko is the typical lo hon ko, and the rojak has a lot of mang guang/yam bean that I dislike (but it's also the main ingredient in rojak lah).

Anyway, I am willing to give them a second chance for their Ais Kacang though.

2) Chee Cheong Fun

Left: Liew Kee -- Right: Sam Siew Yeaw
When we talk about food in Teluk Intan, chee cheong fun (CCF) is like the first thing that pops up in everyone's mind and Google search.

Initially we planned to have this on our way back after Nad's wedding reception the next day, but I scared we don't have enough time and most of the links mentioned that the CCF stalls only open at night, so despite it was raining and Jayden was sleeping, I rushed out just for the CCF fix.

I bought the CCF from two different places:
On the left is the famous Liew Kee CCF, the first several Google pages also them lah to cut the story short. They are so famous there's often queue forming in front of the shop, but fortunately that night it was empty, it was warm when I bought it. Slight raise on the price though, RM5 now.
On the right is Sam Siew Yeaw in the Glutton Square Hawker Centre, Jalan Ah Cheong. It was already pre-packed at the stall so it was slightly cold, RM4 per pack.

The taste was nice from both shops, but because Liew Kee's was warmer so they taste better. If only they can be more generous in giving pickled chili...

3) Kedai Kopi Ah Hwa, 3223 Jalan Nibong

Hall of fame

Large size menu

Left: Mee kicap -- Right: Mee rebus
This shop was recommended by the homestay owner Ms Tan. I told her we planned to visit the local morning market and she strongly against that! Same with my Ipoh friend who disagree that idea. What's wrong with Teluk Intan's local market?? LOL.

Ms Tan said there's gonna be a lot of people especially on weekends, but luckily it's half vacant when we went there.

Their famous dish is the Mee Rebus, must must try loh. We ordered another plate of mee kicap/dried mee and two glass of Barley, RM10.60.

Not only it is cheap (as compared to yesterday's Lo Hon Ko), it's really nice!! The mee kicap is so-so lah, but the mee rebus is thumbs up!!

We didn't went to the famous one, Mastan Ghani, so there's no comparison.

3) Do Re Mi dessert stall, Glutton Square Hawker Centre, Jalan Ah Cheong

Left: Mango lolo -- Right: Ai Yu 
Managed to sneak this one in before we headed back. There's always room for desserts, my friends~~

The same hawker centre with the Sam Siew Yeaw CCF, Do Re Mi is the dessert stall selling various kind of desserts and has been around for three generation.

They didn't have the original sai mai lou so we made do with the mango one (RM4), and we ordered another bowl of Ai Yu (RM3.40), some sort of jelly ais kacang.

Wow it was so yummy! It was definitely a godsend food for the hot weather! The shaved ice was very smooth and silky, the juice they used on the Ai Yu is the sour plum juice, it was special and quench-y!!

4) Kedia Biskut Sin Guan Hoe, Jalan Pasir Bedamar

I skipped the purchase of the famous Heong Peah and bought this one!! The Heong Peah kosong version!!! OMG heavenly!!

I am the weird person who only likes to eat the outer crust rather than the sweet filling inside, so when I saw this at the shop I squeaked like little girl! LOL NOT literally lah of course.

Sin Guan Hoe is one of the famous confectioneries in Teluk Intan with their own signature Heong Peah. The shop is small with delightful fragrance as they make and sell their own heong peah in the shop.


Jayden in his PJ :D

View - overlooking Sungai Perak

View from another side
We only managed to put in one place to visit - the leaning tower/clock tower of Teluk Intan.

I passed by the tower on my way back from CCF purchase but I didn't stop since it was raining.

On this day, it was such a nice weather and we met a good samaritan! When we wanted to buy the parking coupon, a local uncle wanted to buy one too so he gave us one rather than we had to buy the whole book. Yay!!

From Wiki: From the outside, the tower looks like an 8 storey building, though inside it is actually divided into 3 storeys.

There's a spiral staircase in the tower for us to ascend, but the one towards the top was locked and closed.

Basically it is a 'I've been there' kind of landmark LOL.

Main Agenda:

Why, of course, it's Nad's wedding!!

Nad is my Degree's junior, this wedding served as their batch's mini reunion too.

It was so HOT on that day, I was drenched in sweat, even the groom was sympathetic LOL!

That's all~~


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