Dating on Two Wheels: 3D2N Hatyai (again...)

Long distance cycling attire
Again again we went again...

Maybe the food, the expenses, the people, donno, both of us have some kind of fondness for Hatyai LOL.

This time around, we were all gung-ho after our first experience, no fear no nervous no nothing muahaha!

Unfortunate event still happened though LOL. I went back to my house to take my passport, when Hon reversed out from the house, we heard a loud bang from the back tyre, and there it was a nail sticking into the tyre! Since it was very early, 6 am mind you, we had to waste our time at McD while waiting for the workshop to open, which, in the case of Perlis, good luck finding any workshop that opens before 9am.

Good news was the nail didn't puncture the inner tube so no damage there; Greater news was despite our late departure, the weather was cloudy and overcast (there was a freaky storm going on the day before), so the ride was at ease. Hmmm, come to think about it, it wasn't that unfortunate after all.

Although both of us were very confident in 'knowing the way already', we still purchase a SIM card just in case, 49 Baht with a 90 Baht top up, which was kinda unnecessary coz we only used it in one occasion.

Hon changed the Lerun tyre to a slick Maxxis Detonator tire, it is lighter and can go faster. We used the same route that we did few months ago, the 'rural roads' that are under the Department of Rural Roads, like, seriously. They even have signboards by the roadside, I didn't have a chance to snap a picture of it. Hon took a wrong turn at one of the junction, luckily me the mightier one remembered the route perfectly woohoo!

Time (on saddle): 3 hour 6 minute
Distance (from Padang Besar) 64.62km
Average speed 20.8 km/h

This time, we stayed at Hi-Season Hotel, located 3km away from Kim Yong Market and Lee Garden area.

This area is considered outside of tourist spots because there's not even one massage parlour in the 1km radius. But that wasn't much of a problem coz we planned to get around the places on bicycles this time.

bicycle personal parking lot - IN THE ROOM
Oh yeah, Hon installed a touring rack on his Lerun so less burden on luggage!

The hotel elevators are kinda small and our room was at 4th floor, so we had to pull the bike upright to fit into the elevator. The staff never say anything so we assumed it's OK to do so.

The consequence of not wearing gloves - BURN baby BURN!
Our initial plan was to fix in a day trip to Songkhla which is about 30km from Hatyai, but my saddle sore didn't agree, and Hon didn't feel like it too, so we just hang out around Hatyai.

City tour cycling attire - WHY SO UGLY ONE!?
We tried another dimsum place - Ah Ma Dimsum - for breakfast, and I have to say our Hatyai dimsum standard was set too high thanks to Cook Chai dimsum shop, this was such a disappointment.

16 Baht per plate is considered cheap, nice place with air-conditioning, very presentable if you are to bring tourists to this place, but...


You know, like you buy those packets of fishballs and dimsums in the store those kind of thing, that's how I feel when I looked at the displays of the dimsum. They also use 'fake stuff' like the Angry Bird balls/meats/whatsoever aiyoh! Even the buns and fried foods couldn't tickle our tastebud sigh. This is all your fault lah Cook Chai!

Most of the food seemed to be in the fridge for too long, even after they sprinkle onion oil on it, it didn't carry the fragrance, sigh...

Hon saw me frowning and he was like "Okok be patient, one of my aim is to try other dimsum place then we go Cook Chai the next day" LOL.

We also fixed in Hon's favorite pork leg rice (khao kha moo in Thai) at the Odeon mall's food court. We tried one at an eatery shop opposite of Odeon and yikes, not only is it expensive, it is not as nice too.

It's been drizzles and rains the whole time we were at Hatyai, so we couldn't do/go much. A pack of scooter convoy from Malaysia stayed at the hotel we stayed in too. We didn't chat with any of them though, and their kids (came with cars, I think as support cars) played at the elevators which pissed me off.

On the second day, we went to Big C to see what's all the fuss about everyone saying 'MUST GO BIG C', and, haha yeah it's kinda fun as they have bicycle parking and we fooled around there LOL.

At night, we went to Greenway market and Asean market to shop and eat. I forgot which night markets that I went to already last time so this is a whole new experience again for me.

Greenway Night Market - Open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It is more localize, more food stalls and very organized shops selling various kinds of stuffs. We prefer here to eat as they have more local and non-halal food. My best attempt here was to order this bowl of kuey teow soup with limited Thai, even managed to tell her I don't want taugeh! Hahaha! And it's only 40 Baht!

Yummy yum yum! 
Asean Night Market - Closed on Monday and Tuesday. I think this is the one that they say 'recently renovated', because this market is very systematic and clean and spacious and a pleasure place to shop and eat! The food court is at the 'partial' second floor that they have a bar-like tables by the corridor overlooking the shops below. Hon stated "THIS is far more better than Chatuchak in Bangkok, don't you think so??"Yeah I would prefer here over Chatuchak over 1029879273 times. However, most foods here are halal, so we went back to Greenway for our dinner. Sorry I still love me some pork. The shops are very organized, although not divided according to category, the walkways are spacious and wide, it is a very pleasant place to shop.

Verdict: Go to Greenway to eat, go to Asean to shop - they are only 500m apart.

On the third/last morning, we just had to go to our favorite place - Cook Chai - for our dimsum fix. (took more pix too LOL)

We didn't order their additional food/dishes other than dimsum, as opposed to what we planned to do. All we had was the dimsum.

Ahhhh bless my tummy =) this place always makes me overeat!!

The dimsum here is 18 Baht per tray, slightly expensive than Ah Ma but so much better! The pot of Chinese tea though is kinda overpriced, forgot how much but it's pricey, so Hon thought of bringing his own pack of tea the next time we visit.

It was hot sunny day the day we went back. We learnt our lesson this time and use only the main roads - the way we came, instead of the trunk roads again.

On the way, we made a pit stop at a nice cafe 'in the middle of nowhere' for a sweet tea/coffee break.

It was really in the middle of nowhere, because....THIS!

Haha how often can you see a cow strapped behind a pickup truck waiting by the roadside in town!? Yeah the passenger of this truck waiting for her drink Haha!

We made another pit stop to take this picture of a newly built temple, which I didn't recall seeing this few months back.

We arrived Perlis, slept for a night, woke up the next day for the 5km run in Perlis Marathon, and I was down for 2 days because of headache, nausea, vomiting add on with sore shin -_-

On this trip, we only spent about 3500 Baht exclude hotel, which comes to a total of less than RM400 for two.

*****     *****     *****     *****     *****     *****     *****

Thanks for past experience, I finally get to feel the convenience of cycling in Hatyai.
Although it takes longer times and effort to get to Hatyai from Perlis, traveling by bicycle in Hatyai itself gives us greater mobility! The last time we went, even a 1km walk seems like a hassle and tiresome, but this time we got to go to places 3km, 4km or even 5km away from our hotel, no problem! Considering you have to take a tuk-tuk ride everytime you don't want to walk, you save a small fortune there - every tuk-tuk ride within 2km radius is charged 20 Baht per head. (old info)
Heard from a friend who frequents Hatyai - Nowadays they charge 30 Baht per head for Thai, and prepare to be 'slaughtered' if you are foreigners. This makes cycling a wiser option even!!
Not only it saves money, it saves energy too! Cycling definitely use less energy than walking, you only have to bring a bicycle lock that's all!


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